Why Glamping With Under Canvas Is The Ultimate Weekend Getaway

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There are Camping people and there are resort people, and it’s rare that the two categories overlap. Under Canvas offers a unique travel experience that caters to both, offering luxury glamping set in some of the country’s most extraordinary natural settings, from Glacier National Park in Montana to the iconic Yellowstone in Wyoming.

The usual camping drudgery gets an upgrade at all  camp locations with hotel-status comfort and ease. Instead of lugging around gear and building a tent, guests stay in a canvas tent that’s already constructed, decorated and, frankly, bigger than most NYC apartments. There are fresh sheets and towels, a full bathroom including a shower, space to lounge and even a star-gazing ceiling window offered in some tents. Forget about trying to fire up a mini metal camping grill — each of Under Canvas’ locations features an on-site restaurant.

We recently send our partnerships manager, Cameron Lee to explore Under Canvas’ stunning 2oo acre camp outside of Zion National Park in Utah. Dive into his awe-inspiring adventures in the desert here on Instagram.

The gorgeous desert glory that is Zion National Park is just a short shuttle away from home base. It’s easy to hop over to the park for a day full of hiking, climbing and exploring. The best hike in the park is The Narrows, one of the world’s best slot canyon hikes. The trail requires trekking the narrow canyon through the Virgin River for a wild, refreshing and breathtaking hike. Angels Landing is another must-explore hike, leading to some of the most stunning views in the park.

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Even if you’re not a camping person, a weekend with Under Canvas will shake up all of your expectations of what camping could be. There’s something truly magical about waking up surrounded by pure, uninterrupted natural beauty. Throw in some grade-A luxury and we’ve got the ultimate summer getaway.

Take a peek inside our party at Malibu’s One Gun Ranch with Under Canvas
and Sunset Magazine here.

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