What Is The Best Allergy Medicine for Kids?

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Spring allergy reactions are anticipated to be at all-time highs on account of our impressively delicate winter. Because the allergens enhance, so do signs. Right here’s a fast primer on which over-the-counter (OTC) allergy medicine are finest in your youngsters.


Seasonal allergic reactions are normally the worst within the spring. The spring season is dominated by tree pollen and flowering crops, adopted by grass and weed pollen later in the summertime. Do not forget that pollen can journey many miles within the air. Even with out timber in your yard, allergy signs could be current. Pollen ranges are highest within the morning hours on windy days, and counts drop after a very good rain.

There are very efficient therapies for seasonal allergic reactions out there and not using a prescription. The truth is, most youngsters could be handled completely by OTC meds when the proper remedy and dosing is supplied. You should definitely select a medicine in your little one’s signs (see recommendation beneath) since not all OTC meds work the identical.
Infants (underneath 1 yr) can’t get seasonal allergic reactions. In case your child has a runny nostril this time of yr, it’s doubtless a from a viral chilly.



Antihistamines block histamine from attaching to itch-producing, snot-making cells. This class of remedy is nice for itching and drippy noses, however not nice for stuffy noses and congestion. These meds work rapidly; they can be utilized on and off all through the allergy season. Antihistamines are finest for delicate, intermittent signs.

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In my order of choice:

  • Zyrtec – Extra prone to be trigger drowsiness than Claritin, however faster onset of motion (1 hour.) Barely simpler than Allegra. Much less drowsiness than Benadryl. Zyzal has the identical energetic ingredient as Zyrtec, so save your cash.
  • Claritin – Much less sedating than Zyrtec, however takes longer to work (three hours.) Clarinex has the identical energetic ingredient as Claritin, so save your cash.
  • Benadryl – Mostly used antihistamine for allergic response with barely quicker onset of motion then Zyrtec, however more than likely to trigger drowsiness. Might be dosed each Four-6 hours.
  • Allegra – Least sedating (vs Zyrtec and Claritin), however barely much less efficient and shorting performing. Authorised for youths 12 yrs and older.


Most OTC nasal sprays comprise a small quantity of steroid to lower swelling. Nasal steroids are the perfect for congestion and stuffy noses. The truth is, many allergists think about nasal steroids the factor to strive for persisting allergy signs. No research have proven important variations in efficacy between the nasal steroids.

The principle variations are unwanted side effects, like style. Not like antihistamines, nasal sprays take as much as 2 weeks of day by day use for symptom reduction, and must be taken day by day for the complete season. For finest outcomes, start sprays 1-2 weeks earlier than the sesason begins.

In my order of choice:

  • Flonase – Some extra assist for allergic eye signs vs Nasonex, with much less systemic absorption. Flonase Sensimyst is authorised for 2-yr+ which is scent-free and alcohol-free.
  • Nasocort OTC – A less expensive scent-free/alcohol-free possibility. Barely extra systemic absorption than the energetic ingredient than Flonase.
  • Rhinocort – Similar to Flonase/Nasocort OTC, however usually dearer.
  • NasalCrom – This remedy will not be a steroid, however a mast cell stabilizer. That is an possibility for households preferring to not use steroids, nevertheless it needs to be administered Four instances per day for finest protection.
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Make certain that your little one is correctly instructed on how you can use a nasal spray as a result of approach issues. See this video from Nationwide Kids’s Hospital.

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