What Causes Psoriatic Arthritis

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Each psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis are power ailments that worsen over time, however you could have durations when your signs enhance or go into remission alternating with instances when signs grow to be worse.

Psoriatic arthritis can have an effect on joints on only one aspect or on each side of your physique. The indicators and signs of psoriatic arthritis typically resemble these of rheumatoid arthritis. Each ailments trigger joints to grow to be painful, swollen and heat to the contact.

Nevertheless, psoriatic arthritis is extra prone to additionally trigger:
  • Swollen fingers and toes. Psoriatic arthritis may cause a painful, sausage-like swelling of your fingers and toes. You might also develop swelling and deformities in your fingers and ft earlier than having vital joint signs.
  • Foot ache. Psoriatic arthritis may trigger ache on the factors the place tendons and ligaments connect to your bones — particularly behind your heel (Achilles tendinitis) or within the sole of your foot (plantar fasciitis).
  • Decrease again ache. Some folks develop a situation known as spondylitis because of psoriatic arthritis. Spondylitis primarily causes irritation of the joints between the vertebrae of your backbone and within the joints between your backbone and pelvis (sacroiliitis).

When to see a physician

When you have psoriasis, remember to inform your physician if you happen to develop joint ache. Psoriatic arthritis can severely harm your joints if left untreated.


Psoriatic arthritis happens when your physique’s immune system begins to assault wholesome cells and tissue. The irregular immune response causes irritation in your joints in addition to overproduction of pores and skin cells.

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It isn’t totally clear why the immune system activates wholesome tissue, however it appears possible that each genetic and environmental components play a task. Many individuals with psoriatic arthritis have a household historical past of both psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis. Researchers have found sure genetic markers that seem like related to psoriatic arthritis.

Bodily trauma or one thing within the atmosphere — akin to a viral or bacterial an infection — could set off psoriatic arthritis in folks with an inherited tendency.

Threat components

A number of components can enhance your threat of psoriatic arthritis, together with:

  • Psoriasis. Having psoriasis is the only biggest threat issue for growing psoriatic arthritis. Individuals who have psoriasis lesions on their nails are particularly prone to develop psoriatic arthritis.
  • Your loved ones historical past. Many individuals with psoriatic arthritis have a father or mother or a sibling with the illness.
  • Your age. Though anybody can develop psoriatic arthritis, it happens most frequently in adults between the ages of 30 and 50.


A small proportion of individuals with psoriatic arthritis develop arthritis mutilans — a extreme, painful and disabling type of the illness. Over time, arthritis mutilans destroys the small bones in your fingers, particularly the fingers, resulting in everlasting deformity and incapacity.

Individuals who have psoriatic arthritis generally additionally develop eye issues akin to pinkeye (conjunctivitis) or uveitis, which may trigger painful, reddened eyes and blurred imaginative and prescient. In addition they are at larger threat of heart problems.

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