Vitamin C For Colds

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On the very first signal of chilly signs, many individuals attain for Vitamin C, whether or not in dietary supplements, juices, cough drops, tea, or different types.

Vitamin C was first touted for the widespread chilly within the 1970s. However regardless of its widespread use, consultants say there’s little or no proof that vitamin C truly has any impact on the widespread chilly.

What Is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a crucial vitamin and antioxidant that the physique makes use of to maintain you robust and wholesome. Vitamin C is used within the upkeep of bones, muscle, and blood vessels. Vitamin C additionally assists within the formation of collagen and helps the physique soak up iron.

Vitamin C is discovered naturally in greens and fruits, particularly oranges and different citrus fruits. This key vitamin can also be accessible as a pure dietary complement within the type of vitamin C drugs and vitamin C chewable tablets.

Can Vitamin C Stop or Deal with Chilly Signs?

Vitamin C has been studied for a few years as a attainable therapy for colds, or as a method to assist stop colds. However findings have been inconsistent. Total, consultants have discovered little to no profit from vitamin C for stopping or treating the widespread chilly.

In a July 2007 examine, researchers wished to find whether or not taking 200 milligrams or extra of vitamin C every day might scale back the frequency, period, or severity of a chilly. After reviewing 60 years of scientific analysis, they discovered that when taken after a chilly begins, vitamin C dietary supplements don’t make a chilly shorter or much less extreme. When taken every day, vitamin C very barely shortened chilly period — by eight% in adults and by 14% in youngsters.

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So what does all this imply?

In accordance with this analysis, the typical grownup who suffers with a chilly for 12 days a 12 months would nonetheless endure for about 11 days a 12 months if that particular person took a excessive dose of vitamin C on daily basis throughout that 12 months.

For the typical baby who suffers about 28 days of chilly sickness a 12 months, taking every day high-dose vitamin C would nonetheless probably imply about 24 days of chilly sickness.

When vitamin C was examined for therapy of colds in 7 separate research, it was discovered to be no more practical than placebo at shortening the period of chilly signs.

Is Vitamin C Protected to Take?

Generally, vitamin C is secure to take when ingested by way of meals sources corresponding to fruit and veggies. For most individuals, taking vitamin C dietary supplements within the beneficial quantities can also be secure. The RDA or beneficial every day allowance is 90 mg for males and 75 mg for girls. Excessive doses of vitamin C (higher than 2000 milligrams per day for adults) could trigger kidney stones, nausea, and diarrhea.

In the event you’re not sure about taking vitamin C for colds, discuss to your well being care supplier.

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