Vitamin B17 Dosage for Cancer

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Most cancers Protocols and Dosage

Rather a lot has been mentioned about what may trigger most cancers, the most recent reviews say it’s a mixture of a nasty eating regimen, toxins in your physique that you haven’t handled correctly and a hectic life fashion. There are different reviews however all of them appear to have the identical three issues in widespread.

If you’re searching for a greater life to keep away from most cancers or in case you have most cancers or for those who had most cancers however didn’t discover the reason for your most cancers there’s a chance that the most cancers will come again once more. Should you change your eating regimen and your life fashion there’s a very excessive proportion that your most cancers won’t return.

The individuals who have had good ends in preventing most cancers are those that have taken it very severely by doing all of the analysis they’ll or in case they’re too sick, then somebody within the household should do the analysis to assist. It’s important to be very constant in making use of all of the suggestions. If you’re inconsistent with the advice, for those who just do 50% of what you’re imagined to do, for those who suppose you must decide to too many issues, that it’s an excessive amount of or too troublesome to do, then you will get 50% of the outcomes or no outcomes in any respect since you should not have your coronary heart set on getting healed.

To get the great outcomes you want a mix of Vitamin B17 – Detoxing – Dietary supplements – Weight-reduction plan. It is very important get the mix of all of them as a result of all of them work collectively.

To have even higher outcomes with this protocol it is suggested that the individual with most cancers detoxifies the physique and takes dietary supplements in addition to adjustments the eating regimen 10 to 15 days earlier than beginning with the Vitamin B17 protocol. Bear in mind YOU HAVE CANCER, not a typical chilly, so extra effort is required.



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It is strongly recommended in case you have most cancers to get the utmost quantity of Vitamin B17 in your physique within the shortest time doable, so you have to uncooked apricot seeds and Vitamin B17 500mg.

– You’ll need 5 entire kernels six to 10 occasions a day, have one hour in between every serving per day. You may grind the kernel and take it in juice.

– Additionally, you will have to take six of the 500mg Laetrile tablets per day ( two tablets at breakfast, lunch and dinner)

There ought to be two hours between the kernels and the Laetrile tablets.

At all times begin with small dosage, that’s, one kernel and half of the pill and construct up progressively. Take the tablets with meals in your abdomen to keep away from nausea.

There are some uncomfortable side effects if you begin taking the Laetrile and the apricot kernel, you may really feel nausea and maybe giddy and that’s as a result of laetrile is killing the most cancers cells and toxins are launched.

You may additionally have low blood stress, so monitor your blood stress in case you endure from it.

YOU SHOULD KEEP THIS DOSE UNTIL THE CANCER IS IN REMISSION and solely then begin decreasing the dose of Laetrile progressively over three months down to 2 500mg tablets per day indefinitely. Additionally add 10 apricot kernels a day distributed Four occasions a day ( breakfast, lunch, dinner, earlier than mattress) bear in mind to take the kernel 2 hours away from the tablets.


Please observe that each time toxins are launched you should have reactions as a result of your physique is making an attempt to take care of it. This can occur not simply with Vitamin B17, it would additionally occur if you do espresso enemas, MMS, juicing, candida cleaning or any type of cleaning you do in your physique. The disagreeable reactions are literally one thing good, irrespective of how unhealthy you are feeling, simply suppose that your physique is definitely cleansing and in a couple of days you can be high-quality and your physique cleaner with much less toxins and fewer most cancers cells.

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The toxins are despatched to the blood and the lymphatic system after which by way of the liver, kidneys, pores and skin and lungs, when the lifeless most cancers cells are better than what our physique can deal with then the poisonous response happen.

It can be crucial that you simply perceive this earlier than you resolve to cease taking the tablets and the kernels. If the reactions are too unhealthy meaning you’re very, very poisonous (extra cause to maintain on the therapy), so what it’s good to do is decrease the quantity of kernels and tablets for a day or two or till you are feeling snug with that quantity after which improve little by little once more.

A number of the reactions you might need are:

Nausea, giddy, fever, headache, rash, runny nostril, diarrhea, insomnia, lethargy, muscle ache, constipation, canker sores however do not forget that all these reactions will go and it solely means you’re eliminating the unhealthy issues in your physique, thus getting more healthy.

 What you are able to do to alleviate the reactions in case you might have them…

– Drink quite a lot of alkaline or filtered water (not chlorinated water) to flush the toxins quicker.

– Seek the advice of a nutritionist (pure physician) about recommendation on detoxifying course of.

– Don’t drink espresso or alcohol as a result of they’re laborious on the liver.

– Reduce on the variety of pill and kernel dosage and keep on it till you possibly can improve the dose once more.

– Eat a very good nutritious diet with numerous vegetable, no meat, no dairy.

– Take vitamin dietary supplements and enzymes together with uncooked pineapple.

– Perceive that it’s a detoxifying course of which is only a technique to get more healthy.

– Stroll or do average train and bounce in a trampoline to wash the lymph.


It’s essential to take pancreatic enzymes when you are on Laetrile (Vitamin B17), additionally, you will want necessary vitamins that can assist the Vitamin B17 work even higher and these are:

1- Zinc (which it is going to be the Laetrile transporter).

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2- Vitamin C.

Three- Magnesium.

Four- Manganese.

5- Selenium.

6- Vitamin A.

7- Vitamin E.

Eight- Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9 and Vitamin B12.


– Eat extra vegetables and fruit, eat natural meals.

– Embrace sprouts in your eating regimen and any of the meals wealthy in Vitamin B17 additionally talked about on the location.

– Keep away from white flour or any meals that has it.

– Discover uncooked meals recipes on line.

– Examine your physique PH, most cancers lives in an acidic setting.

– Drink numerous water, juices and natural teas, add lemon to them.

– Keep away from chlorinated water, get a water filter to your ingesting water and a filter your bathe.

– Keep away from fluorinated water and toothpaste.

– Cease sugar or any of the sugar substitutes.

– Take good high quality Multivitamins and Minerals.

– Get sufficient sleep.

– Use solely sea salt or Himalayan salt.

– Keep away from stress (discover technics on methods to do it on line).

– Keep away from quick meals, package deal meals, meals with colorants and preservatives.

– Average train is nice for physique and thoughts.

– Keep away from chemical substances in your households and private care merchandise.

– Don’t smoke.

– Keep away from automobile fumes.

– Educate your self on methods to have a wholesome life-style AND TAKE ACTION.


– Take one to a few 100mg Laetrile tablets a day.

– Eat 10 apricot seeds a day.

– Multi Vitamin and Mineral Dietary supplements

– Wholesome life-style just like the one talked about above.

At all times begin with one kernel and half a pill and improve the quantity little by little. Consuming the kernels is even higher as a result of it’s uncooked meals. Bear in mind to not have the tablets and the kernels collectively, at all times get two hours between them.

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