Tylenol For Infants : Dosage for Fever & Pain

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Improper dosing is among the largest problems in providing acetaminophen to kids. This graph, based on your child’s weight, will help determine the ideal dose amount, however, is no replacement to your physician’s advice.


Table Notes:
Since that time, retailers and manufacturers of all pediatric acetaminophen have voluntarily worked to modify the total amount of acetaminophen in these types of medications to a single normal amount (160 milligrams [mg]). Some producers have recently made chewable pills into one potency of 160 mg. Infant drops are no more offered. Liquid syrup acetaminophen can be obtained as 160mg/5mL. Pediatric acetaminophen goods on shop shelves may continue to be utilized as labeled.

Age limit: don’t use acetaminophen below 12 weeks old unless directed by your pediatrician because temperature during the initial 12 months of life ought to be recorded in a medical setting. If a f​​actually is current, your baby requires a comprehensive evaluation. (Exception: Fever in an immunization at a kid 8 weeks old or older. If current, please consult with your physician.)

Combination products: Prevent multi-ingredient products in kids under 6 decades old.

Dosage: Ascertain by discovering child’s weight (in lbs) at the upper row of the dosage table.

Assessing the dose (in metric units): Dosing syringes are somewhat more precise than family utensils. Use the syringe or device which includes the medicine. Household spoons aren’t dependable.

Do not devote more than 5 times every day.

Oral contraceptive pills: These are dissolvable pills that include 80 mg and 160 milligrams (junior potency)

The rectal dose is just like the dose given orally.

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Extended-Release: Prevent 650 mg oral extended-release goods in kids.


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