Tricycle For Toddlers – Safety Tips to Reduce the Risk

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Ready to Get a Tricycle?
Since your child outgrows babyhood, she’ll need a tricycle of her own, and if she gets you, she will be exposing herself into several dangers. As an instance, a kid on a tricycle is really low to the floor that she can not be observed by a driver who’s backing up. But riding trikes and bicycles is almost a crucial part of growing up.


Here are some safety tips that Can Help You reduce the risk for your child:

Purchase a tricycle that’s built low to the floor and has large wheels. This kind is safer since it is less prone to tip over.
Obtain a correctly fitting bike helmet, and instruct your kid to use it whenever she rides.
Tricycles should be used only in safe places. Do not permit your child to ride nearby cars, driveways, or swimming pools.

Generally, children do not have the balance and muscular coordination to ride a two-wheel bike until about age seven. Most kids may safely start to ride a two-wheeler with training wheels following age six, however not before.
Again, to safeguard your child from harm, be sure she’s wearing an approved bicycle helmet (certified about the tag that it matches the Consumer Product Safety Commission standards).

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