Sports Nutrition Certification: AFPA Vs. ISSA

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Sports Nutrition Certification are available online now. It refers to course program that suitable for all health practitioners like fitness trainers, athlete, personal trainers, and others to get certification based on their skill in sports nutrition specialized. The term sports nutrition is the way to improve performance in athletic by nutrition plan and diet program practicing.

Two famous names that allow you to get online course are AFPA (American Fitness Professionals & Associated) and ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association).  Both of them will provide several features for you if join. How do they work? Let’s see it in the following paragraph.

Sports Nutrition Certification from AFPA and ISSA

AFPA offers a perfect course for nutrition coaching consultants, personal trainers, strength trainers, group fitness instructors, athletes of all levels and all health practitioners associated. Likewise, ISSA offers to prepare personal trainers to expand their practices into the specialized in sports nutrition. Bellows are what you will get from both of these courses:

AFPA course includes:

  • Study at your own pace
  • Test when you are ready
  • Online test
  • All learning materials include textbook and online instructional materials
  • Free manual “Legal Guidelines for Unlicensed Practitioners”
  • Worksheets and questionnaires to document and assess counselling sessions
  • Practice Quizzes
  • Student online workbook, web links, interactive flashcards & case studies
  • Unlimited student support before, during and after enrollment
  • No added fees
  • No travel necessary

ISSA course includes:

  • Study at your own pace
  • Unlimited educational support
  • Customer support before and after certified
  • Hardcopy and online main course text
  • Hardcopy final exam
  • Study guide and workbook
  • Online student forum
  • Online exercise lab with 250 animated exercises
  • Section quizzes
  • Free professional website
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The Pros and Cons of Sports Nutrition Certification of AFPA and ISSA

You as a person who is looking for best Sports Nutrition Certification where you can learn so much thing about sports nutrition to help you increase performance and also your clients in athletic. You can choose to get the course in either AFPA or ISSA. Pay attention to both products described below.

  • ü AFPA offers a course for nutrition coaching consultants, personal trainers, strength trainers, group fitness instructors and more. While ISSA offers a course only for personal trainers.

In AFPA you will learn many topics about sports nutrition such as dietary pattern, research advancements in ergogenic aids, eating well before games or tournaments, how to overcome food and weight obsessions, and more. While In ISSA you will learn nutrients and athletic performance, anatomy and metabolism determine nutrient needs and fine-tune your performance.

  • The way AFPA certified a course is clearer than ISSA. You can see them more details on their website
  • AFPA offers many features added to the customers while ISSA does not explain it on their website
  • AFPA doesn’t show accreditation while ISSA accredited by a federally recognized agency.
  • You will complete your course in AFPA for 6 months but in ISSA only for 4 months and you can get a free 2 months extension if you need more time
  • The prize for AFPA product is $499.00 from $599.00 (you save $100) and the discount is not limited by time. Likewise, the prize of ISSA product is $499 from $599 (save $100) if you enroll today.
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You already know about the pros and cons of both AFPA and ISSA product for Sports Nutrition Certification. Now it is your time to think which the best course is for you. Understanding its product description before enroll is the way to find suitable for your requirements.

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