RA Daydreams: A “Pause Button” for the World

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Dwelling with rheumatoid arthritis can really feel like a nightmare, which generally leads me to daydream about issues that might make this journey somewhat simpler.

I’m an formidable particular person with an ever-growing to-do listing, and I even have rheumatoid arthritis (RA). These two truths are continuously at odds with one another, as RA ceaselessly slows me down.

There’s the ache from the illness that may make it onerous to sit down or lie down comfortably, a lot much less sort out a challenge or process. Then there’s the fatigue that may really feel like a heavy weight pushing me down and pinning me in place. There are additionally the frequent diseases I’m vulnerable to each as a result of my immune system is confused and since immunosuppressant medicine are used to calm it down. Lastly, there’s on a regular basis spent at physician’s appointments and on the infusion middle treating the illness.

All of those signs, unwanted effects, and coverings cut back my potential to be as productive as I try to be. In the meantime, our go-go-go society retains going, and it’s simple to really feel as if I’ll by no means catch up. Wouldn’t it’s fantastic to simply be capable of push “pause” on the world and catch up whereas every little thing else is frozen in time?

Coping with flares

If I had a pause button for the world, it will be extremely precious throughout flares. As an example, I might by no means once more must miss an vital occasion. Fairly, I may freeze everybody else whereas I rested and tended to my ache and fatigue, then un-pause everybody as soon as my signs subsided, making it to the occasion/marriage ceremony/celebration with out challenge. Likewise, I may pause the world and tack on a few days to a weekend in order that I may get the remaining that I want and nonetheless guarantee all of the laundry, chores, and errands have been accomplished earlier than Monday.

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Working full-time

A pause button for the world would utterly change the expertise of working full-time whereas having a power situation. When RA ramps up through the work day, I may hit the pause button, go dwelling and take an extended nap on my heated mattress pad, then return to work and as soon as once more set my colleagues in movement with out having missed a lot as an electronic mail, not to mention a gathering. Throughout an extended day of laptop work and the ache that sitting for lengthy intervals of time could cause, I may hit the pause button, go for a 15-minute stroll, after which return to my desk with out lacking a beat. When sickness hits I may pause the world reasonably than take a sick day, avoiding missed pay and the fear that my employers would possibly see me as much less dependable for having a illness that makes me vulnerable to an infection.


I might additionally use my pause button when RA clashes with parenthood. There are occasions when my younger youngsters inadvertently damage me by leaping on my lap, operating into me, or grabbing my palms or arms. Whereas I train them about being mild with mommy when my bones damage, it doesn’t remove their unintended infliction of ache on my infected joints. Throughout significantly painful moments I can’t all the time stifle a sob or maintain again a tear. In these conditions, I might love to have the ability to hit the pause button earlier than my little one takes in my response, give my physique the house and relaxation it must get well from the affect, after which return to my little one and un-pause the world once I’m in a greater emotional state. This could save them from the guilt of doing extra harm than they need to be capable of do in being playful and energetic round a full grown grownup, and would save my coronary heart from the toll their guilt takes.

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Rheumatoid arthritis ceaselessly and unpredictably forces me to pause. It might be so useful if I may pause the world when RA places my life on pause.

When you had a pause button for the world, when would you utilize it?

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