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Naigen is the identify of a brand new type of Vitamin B3, patented and produced by the corporate Chromadex. Niagen has proven exceptional anti-aging and performance-boosting capability, able to reversing the results of growing older in animal research. Niagen, additionally known as Nicotinamide Riboside or Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride (NS), is deeply concerned in your physique’s capability to provide vitality. This wonderful new type of Vitamin B3 has proven super potential to assist present a strong provide of all-natural vitality and rejuvenation.


Pure Vitality & Mobile Rejuvenation

Your physique converts Niagen right into a compound known as Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) which is understood to assist preserve correct vitality ranges and mitochondrial operate. Niagen is present in among the final steps taken in your physique’s NAD conversion course of, which is similar compound that Vitamin B3 (Nicotinc Acid/Niacin) is finally transformed into as effectively. Whereas Vitamin B3 might finally convert to Nicotinamide Riboside, Niagen dietary supplements provide the advantage of rising general NAD ranges with out the standard unwanted side effects of huge doses of Vitamin B3, which may be seen in doses as little as 50 mg. Moreover, Niagen has been discovered to instantly modulate exercise of Sirtuins, that are regarded as proteins instantly concerned in selling mobile well being and increasing longevity.

Once we are younger, we have now a lot larger pure ranges of NAD, which is related to vibrant, youthful vitality. As age nonetheless, our NAD ranges are recognized to drop by as a lot as 50%, which is now regarded as an integral course of concerned within the growing older course of. Niagen, and different Nicotinamide Riboside dietary supplements prefer it, have proven super ends in current research in having the ability to dramatically cut back the affect of this growing older course of—even reversing it in some instances. The staff at ChromaDex are heavily-laden with recommendation and route of Nobel Laureates, and are actively-forging our present knowledgebase on NAD’s position in growing older in addition to Niagen’s capability to assist decelerate the method. Along with youthful vitality, correct ranges of Nicotinamide compounds have been proven to vastly affect your physique’s capability to deal with oxidative stress and have an effect on mobile well being. Any such performance is assumed the have the ability to assist forestall a laundry-list of main illness akin to Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, and most age-related illness.

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What’s Niagen?
Niagen, in addition to Nicotinamide Riboside, is regarded as a precursor compound to NAD. One of the vital integral parts in age-related points in your physique is a category of proteins known as Sirtuins. Sirtuins are produced by the expression of genes, and scientists have recognized SIRT as being a major actor. These proteins are the mechanism that’s regarded as answerable for having the ability to cut back the results of growing older —having demonstrated this capability in animal testing. Quantity and exercise of Sirtuins is understood to be instantly depending on ranges of NAD, suggesting that Niagen would have the ability to instantly affect Sirtuin pathways within the physique. Any such mobile communication is basically concerned in processes such because the removing of free radicals (redox reactions) and general mobile metabolism. Calorie-restricted diets have additionally been proven to instantly have an effect on Sirtuin ranges, and the investigation of their affect is a strong illustration of how important Sirtuins are within the growing older course of. As proven within the image above, the results of calorie restricted diets is super on growing older course of. Niagen is assumed to stimulate Sirtuin exercise just like that seen in calorie-restricted diets, which can due to this fact provide the identical varieties of advantages. This examine on Rhesus monkeys was carried out over a interval of many years, and concerned a whole bunch of check topics, and is considered being extremely credible.

Your physique converts Niagen right into a compound known as Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD), which is used to assist convert the meals you eat into vitality, and ensures correct mobile operate.

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One of many hallmarks of the growing older course of is a decline within the exercise of Mitochondria. This tiny little powerhouses are answerable for creating Adenoside Triphoshpate (ATP), which is what your physique makes use of for vitality. The current understandings of the position NAD+ performs in facilitating and preserving Mitochondrial communication is basically answerable for the thrill surrounding Niagen. Niagen has been ready Moreover, Niagen is considered being the one among the many Vitamin B3 compounds in a position to present useful motion to neural cells, which makes it a sexy Nootropic as effectively. In periods of elevated exercise in neural glutamate pathways, NAD+ depletion can result in the dying of mind tissue. Niagen’s capability to actively improve NAD+ ranges might make it a great candidate for supporting mind well being. One different profit seen in Niagen is that the unwanted side effects of Vitamin B3 are usually not related to it. Vitamin B3, when taken in excessive doses, has been recognized to trigger irregular coronary heart beats, lactic acidosis, liver injury, complications, and several other different semi-serious points. Further analysis amongst wholesome human topics is required earlier than an conclusive statements may be made about Niagen, however the knowledge up to now is thrilling. NAD ranges have been proven to be instantly concerned with age-related illness and mobile well being, and Niagen has demonstrated the power to take care of wholesome ranges.


Niagen Dietary supplements

Niagen’s rising physique of proof paints it as providing nice potential in serving to stave off age-related illness, in addition to doubtlessly assist promote long-term mind well being. Analysis round dietary supplements of this nature are often sketchy—at greatest—however Niagen appears to be backed by credible knowledge. The method of synthesizing Niagen was developed by analysis carried out by a number of universities, and the patent rights of that course of is now held by ChromaDex. Whereas Nicotinamide Ribose itself is a compound discovered naturally within the human physique, ChromaDex holds the patent on the method of synthesizing in laboratory settings. ChromaDex is comprised of a powerful variety of heavily-qualified advisers and board members, a number of of whom are Nobel Laureates. To not say that the involvement of Nobel Laureates by any means equates to a top quality compound, but it surely does assist illustrate simply how critical ChromaDex’s operation is. In November 2016, ChromaDex acquired FDA approval for Niagen to be thought of a ‘New Dietary Ingredient’ (NDI), which suggests it’s acceptable to be used in dietary dietary supplements. As of August three, 2016, the FDA formally regards Niagen as a ‘Usually Acknowledged As Secure’ (GRAS) compound, which might additionally enable Niagen for use as a suitable different to Niacin when added to shopper meals. Whereas there may be nonetheless loads of room for added analysis to color a clearer image of Niagen’s capability to affect well being, these strikes by the FDA are a robust indicator that it’s use is—a minimum of—possible protected.

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