Maternal Fluoride Publicity Throughout Being pregnant Correlates to Decrease IQ in Their Kids

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Maternal Fluoride Publicity Throughout Being pregnant Correlates to Decrease IQ in Their Kids

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Story at-a-glance

  • Fluoride is an endocrine-disrupting chemical linked to thyroid illness, impaired reminiscence, attention-deficit hyperactive dysfunction and lowered IQ in kids
  • A protracted-term examine sponsored by the U.S. Nationwide Institute of Environmental Well being Sciences discovered a correlation between fluoride publicity in utero and subsequent reductions in cognitive operate
  • Every zero.5 mg/L enhance in fluoride over zero.eight mg/L within the mom’s urine was related to a 2.5-point discount in IQ and a three.15-point discount generally cognitive index scores within the baby
  • As the extent of fluoride elevated, IQ decreased — throughout the complete vary of exposures — which suggests there’s no stage at which there isn’t a detrimental impact on cognition; it’s solely a matter of diploma
  • In 2015, the advisable stage of fluoride in ingesting water within the U.S. was lowered to scale back signs of overexposure, from an higher restrict of 1.2 mg/L to zero.7 mg/L, however even this stage is probably going inserting kids’s mind improvement and performance in danger

By Dr. Mercola

Many nonetheless do not understand the confirmed well being dangers inherent with fluoridated water, however the info is spreading. Starting in 1945, it was claimed that including fluoride to ingesting water was a protected and efficient approach to enhance folks’s dental well being. Over the a long time, many purchased into this hook, line and sinker, regardless of all of the proof on the contrary.

Scientific investigations have revealed that fluoride is an endocrine-disrupting chemical,1 and have linked it to the rising prevalence of thyroid illness.2 Importantly, fluoride has been recognized as a developmental neurotoxin that impacts short-term and dealing reminiscence, contributes to rising charges of attention-deficit hyperactive dysfunction (ADHD)three and lowered IQ in kids.four

Now, a brand new, long-term multimillion-dollar examine sponsored by the U.S. Nationwide Institute of Environmental Well being Sciences (NIEHS) and performed by a analysis crew that has produced over 50 papers on the results of environmental exposures on kids’s cognitive well being, sheds gentle on the worth kids pay when moms are uncovered to fluoride throughout being pregnant.

As famous by Paul Connett, Ph.D., toxicologist, environmental chemist and former director of the Fluoride Motion Community (FAN) within the video commentary above (whereas retiring and handing over the director’s place to his son Michael, Connett stays very lively within the group):

“This ought to spell the top of water fluoridation worldwide. How are you going to presumably proceed to show thousands and thousands of pregnant girls and kids to a identified neurotoxic substance, now that you already know there is a relationship between how a lot fluoride a girl is uncovered to in being pregnant and the IQ of the kids born to them?”

Lowered Fluoridation Stage Nonetheless Too Excessive

In April 2015, the U.S. authorities admitted the “optimum” stage of fluoride advisable since 1962 had actually been too excessive, leading to over 40 % of American teenagers having dental fluorosis — an indication of fluoride overexposure. In some areas, dental fluorosis charges are as excessive as 70 to 80 %, with some kids affected by superior kinds.

Because of these findings, the U.S. Division of Well being and Human Companies (HHS) lowered its advisable stage of fluoride in ingesting water by 40 %, from an higher restrict of 1.2 milligrams per liter (mg/L) to zero.7 mg/L.5

The HHS will re-evaluate dental fluorosis charges amongst kids once more round 2025, to evaluate whether or not they had been appropriate about this new stage being protecting towards dental fluorosis. Nonetheless, even when zero.7 mg/L lowers incidence of dental fluorosis, the present examine clearly exhibits this does NOT imply it is a protected stage general.

Prenatal Fluoride Publicity Lowers IQ in Kids

In a criticism filed towards the U.S. Environmental Safety Company in response to its denial of a petition to ban water fluoridation, FAN, together with a coalition of environmental and public well being teams, offered the company with greater than 180 research displaying fluoride causes neurotoxic hurt and diminished IQ in kids.6

Many of those research discovered hurt at ranges throughout the vary, or precariously near, the degrees thousands and thousands of American kids obtain frequently. All in all, there are greater than 300 animal and human research demonstrating fluoride may cause:7

  • Mind harm, particularly when coupled with iodine deficiency or extreme ranges of aluminum
  • Lowered IQ
  • Impaired capacity to study and bear in mind
  • Neurobehavioral deficits akin to impaired visual-spatial group
  • Impaired fetal mind improvement

Now we will add one more examine to this ever-growing listing. This examine,eight,9,10,11 revealed in Environmental Well being Views final month, discovered a correlation between fluoride publicity in utero and subsequent reductions in cognitive operate on the ages of four and 6 by means of 12. Every zero.5 mg/L enhance in fluoride over zero.eight mg/L within the mom’s urine was related to a 2.5-point discount in IQ and a three.15-point discount generally cognitive index (GCI) scores within the baby, main the authors to conclude that:

“… larger prenatal fluoride publicity, in the overall vary of exposures reported for different normal inhabitants samples of pregnant girls and nonpregnant adults, was related to decrease scores on checks of cognitive operate within the offspring at age four and 6-12 y[ears].”

Prenatal Publicity Extra Hazardous Than Childhood Publicity

In line with lead creator Howard Hu, founding dean of the Dalla Lana Faculty of Public Well being on the College of Toronto, this is likely one of the largest, longest and most rigorously executed research on fluoride and neurodevelopment ever performed. The info was collected from practically 300 Mexican moms and their kids.

Whereas Mexico doesn’t fluoridate ingesting water, Mexicans are nonetheless uncovered to many different sources of fluoride, together with naturally-occurring fluoride in water, fluoridated salt, dental merchandise, dietary supplements, pesticides and tea.

Importantly, the researchers discovered that prenatal publicity was way more influential with respect to cognitive operate than subsequent fluoride publicity throughout childhood. As famous by Hu, “the fetal system tends to be extra delicate to environmental toxicants than as soon as the kid is born,” and this examine helps that view. In line with Connett:

That is the most important second for us because the Fluoride Motion Community was fashioned in 2000. It vindicates the issues now we have had on fluoride’s neurotoxicity since Mullenix’s examine on animal conduct in 1995 and the primary two Chinese language research on IQ revealed in 1996.”

The imply stage of fluoride within the urine of the moms included within the examine was zero.9 mg/L. In the U.S. 75 % of the inhabitants’s ingesting water is fluoridated, and in accordance with Hu, the degrees of fluoride present in Mexican moms is unlikely to be considerably completely different from these present in American girls.

Regardless of that, the American Dental Affiliation (ADA) remains to be refusing to see the sunshine and commented on the examine saying its findings “should not relevant to the U.S.,” and that the ADA “continues to endorse fluoridation of public water as the best public well being measure to stop tooth decay.”12 How the ADA can prioritize the prevention of tooth decay over IQ loss is just incomprehensible.

That is particularly outrageous in gentle of analysis13 displaying fluoride solely works — and inefficiently at that — when used topically. It has no helpful results on tooth when ingested. Moreover, there are far more practical and safer choices for lowering tooth decay than utilizing a topical poison or ingesting a dangerous industrial pollutant!

IQ Loss From Fluoride Publicity Is Vital

In line with Connett, the featured examine is essential, because it reveals the lack of IQ is sort of massive. Primarily, a baby of a mom ingesting water with 1 half per million (ppm) of fluoride could be predicted to have an IQ that’s 5 to six factors decrease than a baby born to a mom who drank fluoride-free water.

One other vital level to be made with regard to this examine is that they measured fluoride in urine, which is a much more correct indicator of complete fluoride consumption than merely measuring the focus of fluoride in ingesting water, after which calculating how a lot water is being consumed.

When ingesting water is the dominant supply of fluoride, then fluoride concentrations in urine and water are usually about the identical. Therefore, a imply urine fluoride stage of zero.9 mg/L implies these girls had been ingesting the similar quantity of fluoride as girls ingesting water with a fluoride stage of zero.9 mg/L — simply zero.2 mg/L above the at the moment advisable stage for ingesting water within the U.S.

Whenever you issue within the vary of fluoride exposures within the examine, the publicity is probably going very near the vary discovered in lots of fluoridated areas of the U.S. In a private e-mail to me, Connett writes:

“The doses on this examine are instantly relevant to areas with synthetic fluoridation. There is no such thing as a have to extrapolate downward from results at larger doses. The claims by fluoridation defenders that solely research utilizing a lot larger doses than happen in areas with synthetic fluoridation have proven a lack of IQ are squarely refuted by this examine.

These false claims vary from 11 occasions to 30 occasions larger, however are based mostly on the logical fallacy that it’s the highest dose amongst a number of research that’s related, when it’s the LOWEST dose amongst research that’s most related.”

NIEHS Examine Confirms Earlier Outcomes, Necessitating Motion

The examine additionally managed for a variety of things — together with lead, mercury, socioeconomic standing, smoking, alcohol use and pregnancy-related issues — that might doubtlessly skew the outcomes or produce a false impact. Importantly, the researchers had been in a position to largely rule out the affect of those confounding elements. It additionally confirms the outcomes of earlier, much less subtle research accomplished in Mexico and China, which have been criticized for his or her shortcomings. In line with Connett:

“A few of these research had larger fluoride exposures than generally discovered within the U.S., however many didn’t. The only examine in a rustic with synthetic water fluoridation (versus synthetic salt fluoridation, which was possible a fundamental supply of fluoride in this new examine) was by Broadbent in New Zealand.

That examine discovered no affiliation between water fluoridation and IQ and was trumpeted by fluoridation defenders. However that examine was proven to have nearly no distinction in TOTAL fluoride consumption between the kids with fluoridated water and people with unfluoridated water, since a lot of the kids ingesting unfluoridated water got fluoride dietary supplements.”

Hu and his co-authors are cautious of their conclusions, and this is to be anticipated. However that doesn’t detract from the truth that the implications of this examine are huge. No singular examine can show fluoride lowers IQ when consumed in doses present in fluoridated areas, however while you add it to earlier research, it is clearly raises a vibrant purple flag.

Examine Reveals Linear Relationship Between In Utero Fluoride Publicity and IQ Loss

One other actually vital discovering that’s being downplayed or fully ignored by mainstream media is the truth that there was no threshold under which fluoride didn’t have an effect on IQ. The examine explains this as follows:

“The sleek plot of the affiliation between GCI [editor’s note: IQ test at age 4] and maternal prenatal urinary fluoride from an adjusted GAM mannequin [editor’s note: a model that corrects for extraneous factors] instructed a linear relation over the publicity distribution (Determine 2).”


Supply: Environmental Well being Views September 2017; 125(9)

In a nutshell, which means that as the extent of fluoride in urine elevated, IQ decreased — throughout your entire vary of exposures, from lowest to highest. This in flip means there is no stage at which there is not going to be some type of detrimental impact on cognition — it is only a matter of diploma.

Remarkably, the ADA tries to brush off these outcomes by saying it does not apply to People ingesting fluoridated water as a result of the supply of the fluoride was unidentified. As famous by Connett, “This is not sensible. It’s irrelevant whether or not the Mexican girls received their fluoride from fluoridated salt, fluoride in ingesting water, or from fluoridated dental merchandise.”

The Many Methods in Which Fluoride Harms Kids’s Mind Operate

As talked about, there are now a whole bunch of research displaying fluoride damages mind operate, in a range of various methods. Among the many proposed mechanisms of hurt, research have proven fluoride can:14

Intrude with fundamental capabilities of nerve cells within the mind

Scale back nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

Scale back lipid content material within the mind

Harm the pineal gland by means of fluoride accumulation

Impair antioxidant protection techniques

Harm the hippocampus

Harm purkinje cells

Enhance uptake of aluminum, which has neurotoxic results

Encourage formation of beta-amyloid plaques (the traditional mind abnormality in Alzheimer’s illness)

Exacerbate lesions induced by iodine deficiency

Enhance manganese absorption, which has additionally been linked decrease IQ in kids

Impair thyroid operate, which may additionally have an effect on mind improvement

Fluoride Is an Unapproved Drug

If everybody knew the risks of fluoride and had a alternative, most would possible go for fluoride-free ingesting water. Sadly, you do not have that alternative when you reside in an space that provides fluoride to its municipal water provide. Whether or not you need it or not, you are being medicated with a substance identified to have poisonous results.

It is vital to keep in mind that fluoride is actually a drug, because it’s used to stop a illness (tooth decay), and no different drug has ever been administered as a public well being measure throughout the board with out regard for age, intercourse, medical want and different elements that may place you at elevated threat for unwanted side effects. Sufferers who’re prescription drugs have to be medically monitored, but within the case of fluoride, nobody is monitoring something.

As soon as you place fluoride within the water, there isn’t a technique to management who will get it and the way a lot, and when you endure unwanted side effects, there is no recourse. Most do not even understand that their well being issues may be related to fluoride toxicity. Fluoride in water will not be even regulated by the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration (FDA), though it regulates fluoride in toothpaste and different oral care merchandise, which should bear warning labels in regards to the hazard of ingesting these merchandise.

The FDA doesn’t even acknowledge fluoride dietary supplements (which, like water, are ingested) as protected and efficient. Actually, to this present day the FDA classifies them as “unapproved new medicine.” Final yr, the FDA clamped down on pharmacies promoting and misrepresenting unapproved fluoride dietary supplements.

In addition they issued a warning letter to a fluoride complement producer, demanding it stop making the product as a result of it is an unapproved drug — therefore it’s unlawful to fabricate and promote. So, how is it that fluoride can nonetheless be added to water provides throughout the U.S. for the aim of stopping tooth decay — a goal that within the eyes of the FDA renders it a drug, and one which they’ve by no means accredited as protected or efficient? It is a most curious scenario that nobody seems to have the reply to.

Water Fluoridation Is a Violation of Freedom of Alternative

Water fluoridation is an absolute violation of your freedom of alternative — to take a drug or not, and a poisonous one at that. Fluoroquinolones (fluoride-containing antibiotic- and antimicrobial medicine) require FDA black-box warnings, and a number of the newer ones have been withdrawn as a result of toxicity.15 Fluoride-containing medicine have the distinctive capacity to penetrate your central nervous system, together with your mind, which is commonly why fluoride is used within the formulation.

So, why ought to we predict fluoride in water will not have an effect on the mind? In gentle of all of the proof, it is excessive time we stop this careless and harmful public well being follow. It is dangerous drugs that’s doing way more hurt than good.

Furthermore, the kinds of fluoride usually added to water provides should not even “clear” pharmaceutical grade fluoride — which is poisonous sufficient — however slightly the chemical byproducts of aluminum, metal, cement, phosphate fertilizer and nuclear weapons manufacturing. These fluoride chemical substances have been proven to include all types of poisonous contaminants, together with lead, arsenic, radionucleotides and aluminum.

To study extra about fluoride and how one can assist finish this dangerous follow, I extremely suggest getting a duplicate of Connett’s e-book, The Case In opposition to Fluoride. You too can obtain my free report on water fluoridation for extra info on the dangerous science and political agendas that received this poisonous chemical in our ingesting water.

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