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International supplement contributor LIMU maintains the attention on effective Fucoidan-based services and products by introducing a weight control strategy — LIMU LEAN™. The lineup represents a considerable merchandise expansion initiative to its Immediate Revenue Business, complementing their operational drink, LIMU ORIGINAL™.

With the weight control industry nearing $6 billion in revenue, there’s enormous consumer demand for of use, effective services and products, and LIMU intends to extend a healthier, natural option instructing clients on the rich advantages of marine bioactive Fucoidan. The synergistic formulations are all intended to meet appetite, decrease cravings, and maintain proper digestion of food and also foster energy as being a comprehensive system, whereas offering users a different advantage with Fucoidan’s weight control benefits. “The enormous sales orders set throughout our launch event at Dallas during the weekend establish LIMU Members and clients alike are enticing Fucoidan-based weight-loss services and products such as LIMU LEAN™,” explained Gary J. Raser, President and CEO.

LIMU has ran pretrials with 90 sales Participants inventing a mean body weight loss of 20 lbs within 1-2 weeks. Offered along side the three services and products is really actually a guide to healthy eating, product usage, and food diary. Throughout the provider’s recent Dallas seminar, those Participants with all the largest fat reduction were featured, inviting tens of thousands longer touse healthy LIMU LEAN™ and change certain life style customs. A number of the Participants are showcased in supporting marketing stuff.

“LIMU is devoted to providing real solutions to this weight reduction problems people face now, together with reliable weight loss loss info and products which deliver observable, demonstrated effects,” explained Raser. “Our objective would be always to always offer the market place access into the unbelievable health benefits of Fucoidan-rich limu, also we’ve designed LIMU LEAN™ within an outstanding system which will assist our clients build their enterprise opportunity while they share health internationally.”

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Around LIMU™
LIMU is a recognized world wide nutritional company solely dedicated to marketing the abundant wellbeing advantages of marine bioactive, Fucoidan. Implementing a direct sales business model, LIMU proceeds to enlarge its network of Participants in over 20 states, with tens of thousands of thousands of dollars in commissions paid yearly. According to Florida, ” LIMU is a sector leading home small business opportunity, enabling visitors to have a greater standard of living. To learn more on LIMU and its own particular Fucoidan product formulations, please see

* Scientists discovered that Fucoidan inhibited the creation of fresh fat cells by around 39.7 per cent and also decreased the expression of enzymes associated with the genesis of obese cells.

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