Licorice Extract for Parkinson’s Illness

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Node Smith, ND

Liquiritigenin, an Extract of Licorice Root, could also be used to Deal with Parkinson’s Illness

A brand new research on the natural extract, liquiritigenin, an extract of licorice root, has uncovered a mechanism by which the herb could also be used to deal with Parkinson’s illness by inhibiting neuronal cell demise.1 Parkinson’s illness is a degenerative illness which progresses resulting from apoptosis of particular dopaminergic cells within the mind. As these cells die off, the signs of tremor, stiffness, sluggish movement and postural instability progress. The present route of Parkinson’s therapy has largely been to elevated prevalence of obtainable dopamine in addition to stimulate a rise in endogenous manufacturing of the neurotransmitter, after which lastly, exogenous administration of dopamine analogs. The seek for a mechanism by which to cease the mobile demise and halt or reverse illness development has lengthy been wanted.

Key Mechanisms of Dopaminergic Neuronal Apoptosis & Methods to Management

Dr. Yun-II Lee has led a crew of researchers who’ve found a few of these key mechanisms of dopaminergic neuronal apoptosis in addition to a possible strategy to management them. In response to the research, mobile stress prompts Poly ADP-ribose polymerase-1 (PARP-1) which induces extreme accumulation of Poly ADP-ribose (PAR) which in flip prompts Apoptosis-Inducing Issue (AIF). AIF in the end leads to the destruction of DNA and mobile demise. This new mechanism of mobile demise is distinct from apoptosis (which is extremely regulated and “deliberate” mobile demise), and has been labeled Parthanatos, and is restricted to this PAR-1 regulated cell demise occurring from an over-accumulation of PAR. Parthanatos has been implicated in lots of degenerative ailments together with diabetes and cardiac ischemic illness.

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No Medicines Exist that Inhibit this Sort of Dopaminergic Neuronal Cell Loss of life

Presently, there aren’t any drugs that are authorities sanctioned to inhibit this sort of dopaminergic neuronal cell demise. Nonetheless, this Korean analysis crew has proven promising outcomes utilizing a licorice extract. The thought to make use of licorice extract might have come about from its identified skill to inhibit cortisol breakdown. That is related as a result of researchers have discovered that cortisol promotes dopaminergic neural exercise and inhibits the demise of dopaminergic cells within the mind.

The present research discovered that liquiritigenin, a licorice extract, can induce RNF146 expression, a protein which removes excessively amassed PAR and inhibiting dopamine neuronal cell demise. It’s thought that this happens by way of estrogen receptor binding.

The research does conclude that liquiritigenin could also be used as a therapy for degenerative Parkinson’s illness.


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