Kombucha: Eight potential well being advantages

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Kombucha is a candy, fizzy drink fabricated from yeast, sugar, and fermented tea. It has quite a few potential well being advantages, together with intestine well being and liver perform.

This text explores eight potential well being advantages of kombucha and appears on the analysis that helps them.

Contents of this text:

  1. What’s kombucha?
  2. Potential well being advantages
  3. Are there any dangers?
  4. Takeaway

What’s kombucha?

A jar of raw kombucha fermented drink, on a wooden table with chopped up lemon and a stem of ginger.
Kombucha is a fermented drink that’s in style for its purported well being advantages.

To make kombucha, sweetened inexperienced or black tea is fermented with a symbiotic colony of micro organism and yeast, in any other case generally known as a SCOBY.

Throughout the fermentation course of, the yeast within the SCOBY breaks down the sugar within the tea and releases probiotic micro organism.

Kombucha turns into carbonated after fermentation, which is why the drink is fizzy.

Potential well being advantages

There are a number of potential well being advantages of kombucha, together with:

1. Intestine well being

As this 2014 research confirms, the fermentation means of kombucha implies that the drink is wealthy in probiotics. Probiotic micro organism are much like healthful micro organism which can be discovered within the intestine.

Consuming probiotics might enhance total intestine well being. Probiotic micro organism have been discovered to assist deal with diarrhea, and a few analysis suggests they could assist ease irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Extra analysis is required into how kombucha improves intestine well being, however the hyperlink between probiotics and intestine well being suggests it might assist the digestive system.

The hyperlink between wholesome micro organism within the digestive system and immune perform is changing into clearer as extra research give attention to intestine well being. If the probiotics in kombucha enhance intestine well being, they could additionally strengthen the immune system.

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2. Most cancers danger

There’s rising proof to recommend consuming kombucha might assist cut back the chance of most cancers.

A 2008 research discovered that kombucha helped forestall the expansion of most cancers cells. Additional analysis in 2013 discovered that kombucha decreased the survival of most cancers cells. Each research recommend kombucha might play a task in treating or stopping most cancers.

You will need to notice that these research seemed on the results of kombucha on most cancers cells in a check tube. Extra analysis is required to see if individuals who drink kombucha have a decreased danger of growing most cancers.

three. An infection danger

A sort of acid referred to as acetic acid, additionally present in vinegar, is produced when kombucha is fermented.

A research carried out in 2000 discovered that kombucha was capable of kill microbes and assist struggle a spread of micro organism. This means that it might assist forestall infections by killing the micro organism that trigger them earlier than they’re absorbed by the physique.

four. Psychological well being

Young smiling woman drinking fruit juice ice tea.
The probiotics in kombucha are thought to have the flexibility to deal with despair.

There could also be a hyperlink between probiotics and despair, suggesting that consuming probiotic-rich kombucha might assist promote constructive psychological well being.

There are sturdy hyperlinks between despair and irritation, so the anti-inflammatory impact of kombucha might assist alleviate a number of the signs of despair.

A 2017 assessment checked out quite a few present research and concluded that there’s sturdy proof that probiotics might assist deal with despair. Nonetheless, additional analysis is required to show how efficient they’re.

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5. Coronary heart illness

Ranges of sure forms of ldl cholesterol improve the chance of coronary heart illness. Research in 2012 and 2015 discovered that kombucha helps to cut back ranges of the ldl cholesterol linked to coronary heart illness. Levels of cholesterol and coronary heart illness are additionally influenced by weight loss plan, train, weight, life-style habits, and irritation. Nonetheless, the analysis cited right here suggests consuming kombucha might assist cut back the chance of coronary heart illness.

On the similar time, it is very important notice that these research had been in rats. Extra analysis is required to show that kombucha reduces the chance of coronary heart illness in people.

6. Weight reduction

When kombucha is made with inexperienced tea, it might assist weight reduction. A 2008 research discovered that overweight individuals who took inexperienced tea extract burned extra energy and misplaced extra weight than those that didn’t.

If kombucha is made with inexperienced tea, it follows that it might have a equally constructive impact on weight reduction.

Once more, researchers want to have a look at kombucha and weight reduction particularly earlier than that is sure.

7. Liver well being

Kombucha incorporates antioxidants that assist struggle molecules within the physique that may harm cells.

Some research, the newest being in 2011, have discovered that the antioxidant-rich kombucha reduces toxins within the liver. This means that kombucha might play an necessary function in selling liver well being and decreasing liver irritation.

Nonetheless, research so far have checked out rats and extra analysis is required to say with certainty how kombucha can assist liver well being in people.

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eight. Kind 2 diabetes administration

Kombucha tea in iced bottles, with fruit segments fermenting.
Kombucha might assist to stabilize blood sugar ranges and assist within the administration of diabetes.

Kombucha may be useful in managing sort 2 diabetes.

A 2012 research discovered that kombucha helped to handle blood sugar ranges in rats with diabetes. This discovering suggests it might be useful in sort 2 diabetes administration.

Once more, extra analysis is required to say with certainty whether or not kombucha can have the identical advantages in sort 2 diabetes administration for people.

Are there any dangers?

You will need to watch out when making kombucha at dwelling, as it might ferment for too lengthy. Additionally it is potential for kombucha to turn into contaminated when not made in a sterile surroundings.

Over-fermentation or contamination might trigger well being issues, so it might be safer to purchase kombucha in a retailer than to make it at dwelling.

Retailer-bought kombucha usually has a decrease alcohol content material than home made variations, however it is very important examine the sugar content material.


There are various potential well being advantages of kombucha. Nonetheless, it is very important do not forget that analysis is ongoing and never all advantages have been confirmed in research with human contributors.

If made correctly or purchased in-store, kombucha is a probiotic-rich drink that’s secure to take pleasure in as a part of a healthful weight loss plan.

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