Ibuprofen For Kids : Dosage & Side Effects

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?? Ibuprofen (i.e., Motri, Advil) is also a over-the-counter medication used to decrease fever and relieve pain. This graph, based on your child’s weight, will help determine the ideal dose amount, however, is no replacement to your physician’s advice.


Table Notes:
Age limit: Do not use under 6 weeks old unless directed by your child’s pediatrician, since security hasn’t established and does not have FDA approval. Keep away from multi-ingredient products in kids under 6 decades old.

Dosage: Ascertain by discovering kid’s weight at the upper row of the dosage table.


Assessing the dose (need to be in metric units): Dosing syringes are somewhat more precise than family utensils. Use the syringe or device which includes the medicine. If not accessible with all the drug, medication syringes are available in pharmacies. Household spoons aren’t dependable.

Ibuprofen drops: Ibuprofen baby drops include a measuring syringe

Adult dose: 400 mg


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