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Vitamin K is a vital nutrient for sustaining correct blood clotting and wholesome bones. It is a fat-soluble vitamin current naturally in lots of meals. Wholesome micro organism that dwell in your intestines may also manufacture vitamin K.

Your physique can retailer vitamin K within the liver and fats tissues, making deficiency uncommon. You do have to restrict your vitamin K consumption, nevertheless, when taking sure medicines, akin to blood thinners.

Leafy Greens
Leafy inexperienced greens are one of many richest dietary sources of vitamin K. This class consists of kale, spinach, collard greens, Swiss chard, mustard greens, turnip greens, spinach and leaf lettuce. These greens include wherever from 265 to 531 micrograms of vitamin K per half cup cooked and 116 to 299 micrograms per cup uncooked. Based on the Institute of Drugs, males want not less than 120 micrograms of vitamin K per day, and girls want not less than 90 micrograms per day.

Cruciferous Greens
Different cruciferous greens additionally present vitamin K. A cup of cooked broccoli or brussels sprouts provides you with roughly 220 micrograms of vitamin K. A cup of uncooked broccoli offers you 89 micrograms, and half cup of cooked cabbage yields 82 micrograms. Along with vitamin K, these greens offer you antioxidants, fiber, minerals and different nutritional vitamins wanted to assist your total well being.

Fruit Sources
A number of fruits present vitamin K as nicely. Consuming 1/four cup of prunes offers you 26 micrograms of vitamin K. A cup of uncooked blueberries or blackberries offers you 29 micrograms of the nutrient. Kiwis, grapes, pomegranates, currants, avocados, cranberries, pears, melons and apricots additionally present small quantities of vitamin K.

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Animal Merchandise
Animal merchandise and seafood include very small quantities of vitamin K. They sometimes present not more than 5 micrograms of the vitamin per serving. Cheese, eggs, milk, beef, pork, rooster, turkey, tuna, mackerel and shrimp all include small quantities of vitamin K. Clams, different shellfish and anchovies have hint quantities of the vitamin as nicely.

Grain Merchandise
Grain-based meals additionally offer you very small portions of vitamin K. Sandwich bread, dinner rolls, English muffins, biscuits, hamburger buns and bagels have 1 to 11 micrograms of vitamin K per 100-gram serving. Most breakfast cereals include between 1 and 5 micrograms of vitamin K. Baked items produced from flour, akin to desserts, cookies, doughnuts and muffins, offer you 4 to 15 micrograms of the vitamin.

Oils and Fat
Based on the College of North Carolina, canola and soybean oil include 20 to 27 micrograms of vitamin K per tablespoon. Different vegetable oils, akin to olive, peanut, safflower, sunflower and sesame, have 2 to 4 micrograms of vitamin K. Mayonnaise and margarine include average ranges of vitaminK as nicely.

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