Fluoride: Poison on Faucet

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Fluoride: Poison on Faucet

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  • Since 1945, it has been extensively accepted within the U.S. that fluoride is “secure and efficient” to forestall tooth decay, however many well being specialists and scientists disagree
  • Charges of dental fluorosis amongst kids and adolescents has spiked lately and, if fluoridated water is used, formula-fed infants are at specific threat for fluorosis even earlier than their enamel are totally fashioned
  • The Fluoride Motion Community has introduced a lawsuit in opposition to the U.S. Environmental Safety Company searching for to ban the deliberate addition of fluoride to American water provides

By Dr. Mercola

Right this moment, 74 % of Individuals on neighborhood water techniques obtain fluoridated water.1 Since 1945, it has been extensively accepted within the U.S. that fluoride is “secure and efficient” to forestall tooth decay. However is it actually?

The 2015 documentary, “Fluoride: Poison on Faucet,” seeks to show what could also be one of many longest-running and most profitable deceptions identified to mankind — including industrial waste, within the type of fluoride, to public consuming water. It’s possible you’ll be shocked on the lengths to which companies, and authorities have gone to make this industrial waste product seem useful to your well being.

Fluoride = Well being: How Did We Get Right here?

It’s possible you’ll be shocked to know the primary American business use of fluoride, within the type of sodium fluoride, was to kill bugs, lice, mice and different vermin. It was fairly efficient. Within the 1930s, aluminum-industry big Alcoa was the biggest producer of fluoride, releasing vapors into the environment that crippled or killed cattle and scorched crops and different vegetation. In these early years, many lawsuits have been introduced in opposition to Alcoa to get better damages from misplaced animals and crops.

Rising issues concerning the seemingly unfavorable results of fluoride gasoline on human beings motivated the corporate to devise a method of recycling this potent industrial byproduct. The brainchild of water fluoridation was Gerald Cox, a researcher with the Mellon Institute in Pittsburgh. He obtained a request to take a look at fluoride’s results on enamel from Alcoa lab director Francis Frary, who was involved about mounting lawsuits associated to the fluoride air pollution his plant produced.

One other motivation was the fact that disposing of fluoride waste from its aluminum crops was turning into more and more expensive for Alcoa. Beforehand, the Mellon Institute had been the main defender of the asbestos , producing analysis exhibiting asbestos was innocent and employee well being issues have been purportedly because of different causes. Utilizing “science” as a smokescreen, the Mellon Institute was capable of save the asbestos from monetary disaster.

On account of their success in utilizing science to prop up the asbestos at the moment, it is sensible Alcoa selected Cox and the Mellon Institute to craft a narrative across the perceived well being advantages of fluoride. To make sure their success, Alcoa executives realized public opinion about fluoride needed to be rigorously and constantly manipulated.

In a daring transfer, they employed public-relations pioneer Edward Bernays, who later grew to become often called the “father of spin,” to head the U.S. water fluoridation marketing campaign. Utilizing psychological rules focused at what he known as, the “mass thoughts,” Bernays was fairly profitable in attracting public assist for the widespread client use of fluoride.2

The Starting of Water Fluoridation

By the 1950s and ’60s, when the follow of releasing fluoride vapors into the air was reined in as a result of introduction of air air pollution know-how, fluoride had already been added to U.S. consuming water. In January 1945, the town of Grand Rapids, Michigan, grew to become the primary of hundreds of U.S. municipalities to proudly add fluoride to its neighborhood water supply, below the guise of stopping tooth decay.

As know-how has superior, fluoride acid, additionally often called hydrofluorosilicic acid, is now caught in moist scrubbers, which curtails air emissions. As such, corporations like Cargill, Mosaic and Pencco are capable of barrel up and promote fluoride to cities throughout the U.S. which, in flip, add this unrefined hazardous materials to their neighborhood water provides.three It’s possible you’ll be shocked to be taught that the fluoride added to your water is just not pharmaceutical grade.

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Certainly, a lot of the fluoride added to municipal consuming water is just an unrefined, extremely poisonous, industrial waste product. A number of the contaminants that accompany the fluoride added to your consuming water possible embrace aluminum, arsenic, lead and radionucleotide, amongst others. As famous within the movie, water fluoridation was invented as a worthwhile recycling venue for poisonous waste. As an alternative of getting to pay for correct disposal, this industrial waste is offered for revenue, and “disposed of” by being dispersed into consuming water.

Fluoride Could Be in Extra Than Simply Your Consuming Water

Must you be lucky to stay removed from industrial crops the place fluoride is dealt with and fortunate sufficient to reside in a neighborhood the place fluoride has not been added to your water, you should still get dosed with fluoride. How? As a result of it is in drinks and processed meals reminiscent of cereal, beer, juice and soda. The truth is, something manufactured with fluoridated water will add to your physique’s fluoride toxicity burden.

Based on the late Jeff Inexperienced, former nationwide director of Residents for Secure Consuming Water, fluoride will also be present in selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) medicines, such because the antidepressant Prozac. Moreover, it appeared within the banned eating regimen drug Fen-Phen. Rohypnol, the so-called date-rape drug, additionally incorporates fluoride.

Inexperienced famous the youngsters accountable for the shootings at Columbine Excessive College, in Littleton, Colorado, in 1999 have been utilizing SSRI medicine on the time, which he suspects could have impacted their temper and conduct. Should you stay within the U.S., practically 95 % of all toothpaste offered on this nation additionally incorporates fluoride. More and more, dentists are including fluoride to their cement and filling supplies, and fluoride-containing varnishes are sometimes added to kids’s enamel.

Frequent Misconceptions About Water Fluoridation

It is a frequent false impression that fluoride is added to consuming water worldwide. Nothing might be farther from the reality. Says Paul Connett, Ph.D., retired chemistry professor and govt director of the Fluoride Motion Community (FAN):four

“Water fluoridation is a peculiarly American phenomenon. It began at a time when asbestos lined our pipes, lead was added to gasoline, PCBs stuffed our transformers, and DDT was deemed so ‘secure and efficient’ that officers felt no qualms spraying children at school school rooms and seated at picnic tables. One after the other all of these chemical compounds have been banned, however fluoridation stays untouched.”

As acknowledged by Connett, the U.S. is one in every of simply eight nations worldwide by which greater than half of its inhabitants is uncovered to fluoride by their consuming water. The opposite seven nations that fluoridate consuming water are Australia, Colombia, Eire, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand.

Water fluoridation has truly been banned in most European nations, together with Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, simply to call a couple of. Based on organic dentist Dr. James Rota, these nations, in addition to China and Japan, have concluded the follow of including fluoride to consuming water is “ineffective, poisonous and shouldn’t be used.” FAN underscores the restricted scope and worth of including fluoride to consuming water, noting:5

  • Almost 378 million individuals, representing simply 5 % of the world’s inhabitants, drink artificially fluoridated water
  • Extra individuals drink fluoridated water in the U.S. than in the remainder of the world mixed
  • Western nations that fluoridate their water have charges of tooth decay related to those who don’t add fluoride to their water6

The Results of Fluoride on Your Physique

On condition that fluoride is dealt with as a hazardous materials and labeled accordingly, the shortage of transparency about its well being results is a real public well being travesty.   Based on Rota, a number of of the scientifically-proven well being results of fluoride are already identified. He asserts fluoride has been proven to:

  • Speed up the growing old course of
  • Trigger genetic harm
  • Contribute to arthritis and joint ache
  • Enhance the incidence of most cancers and tumor progress
  • Interrupt DNA restore

With respect to fluoride’s presumed hyperlink to arthritis and joint ache, Connett acknowledged: 

“The primary signal fluoride has poisoned your bones is that you’ve got ache in your joints, stiffness in your joints and ache in your bones … And the physician will merely let you know that you’ve got joint ache … We’ve got hundreds of thousands of individuals within the U.S. and in different fluoridated nations who’ve joint ache —1 in three adults on common. However no person’s ever conclusively seemed to see if these arthritis circumstances have notably been attributable to or exacerbated by fluoride. They only do not need to look.”

The spike within the variety of circumstances of hypothyroidism within the U.S. has additionally been loosely linked to fluoride. FAN famous that research investigating fluoride’s influence on thyroid hormone ranges assist the idea that fluoride has an “antithyroid” impact below sure circumstances.7

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Notably in situations the place your iodine ranges are low, fluoride will possible have a larger unfavorable influence in your thyroid. About the possible hyperlink between fluoride and hypothyroidism, Dr. Spyros Mezitis, endocrinologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York Metropolis, mentioned:

“Clinicians … ought to emphasize to sufferers this affiliation and may take a look at sufferers for underactive thyroid. Sufferers ought to in all probability be suggested to drink much less fluoridated water and eat much less fluoridated merchandise, together with toothpaste. … [S]tudies have additionally proven that iodine deficiency, that could be attributable to additional ingestion of fluoride, is associated to hypothyroidism.” 

Fluorosis: Are Your Kids Affected?

Analysiseight introduced on the 2017 Nationwide Oral Well being Convention highlighted the fact that more and more extra younger individuals between the ages of 6 and 19 undergo from dental fluorosis. Knowledge from 2011 to 2012 point out that 57 % of youth are affected by fluorosis, whereas in accordance with recorded knowledge, simply 37 % have been impacted from 1999 to 2004.

Fluorosis outcomes when tooth enamel turns into progressively weakened and discolored. It’s typically characterised by white spots and yellow or brown discoloration. About fluorosis, FAN states:9

“Fluorosis is a defect of tooth enamel attributable to an excessive amount of fluoride consumption through the first eight years of life. Though fluorosis may be cosmetically handled, the harm to the enamel is everlasting. Frequent causes of fluorosis embrace: fluoridated consuming water (notably throughout infancy), ingestion of fluoride toothpaste, use of fluoride tablets and consumption of processed meals made with fluoridated water.”

Usually, dentists and public well being officers brush off fluorosis as a purely aesthetic concern, one they imagine is a worthy trade-off for the supposed advantages of fluoride. In actuality, fluorosis is an outward signal that fluoride is damaging not solely your enamel, but additionally most actually, to a point, the remainder of your physique.

Warning: Fluoride Is Extraordinarily Dangerous for Infants

Fluorosis can be an enormous concern for infants as a result of it’s a situation that may progress properly earlier than your child’s enamel are seen. Cases of kids creating fluorosis as a result of consumption of fluoridated “nursery water” are properly documented. Breast-feeding is the best selection in your child for a lot of causes, one in every of which is that it incorporates little or no, if any, fluoride.

That is by design as a result of infants are extraordinarily weak to neurotoxins. If, nevertheless, breast-feeding is just not an possibility for you, and it’s essential to use components, be sure you put together it utilizing non-fluoridated water. In the ebook, “The Case Towards Fluoride,” Connett explains:

“Within the view of many critics of fluoridation … it’s reckless to show infants to ranges of fluoride in orders of magnitude increased than that present in breast milk. Within the U.S., infants who’re fed components reconstituted with fluoridated faucet water obtain the very best ranges of fluoride (per kilogram body weight) within the human inhabitants.

Particularly, infants who’re fed components made with fluoridated water on the present degree of 1 part-per-million fluoride will obtain a dose as much as 250 occasions greater than the breastfed toddler.”

The Backside Line About Fluoride in Your Consuming Water

Of their closing remarks, among the specialists featured within the documentary didn’t mince phrases about their dislike and mistrust of fluoridated water. As famous by Connett:

“As soon as you place a drugs within the consuming water, you possibly can’t management the dose as a result of you possibly can’t management how a lot water individuals drink. You may’t management who will get it as a result of it goes to everyone. If you ask your pharmacist if there’s any drug in his retailer that’s secure sufficient to give to everybody — younger individuals, outdated individuals, sick individuals, properly individuals — at any dose, he’d snigger at you.”

Mentioned Phyllis Mullenix, Ph.D., a pharmacologist and toxicologist: “There may be completely no drug available on the market that’s given as ‘one dose matches all.’” In his earlier writings, Connett shared 5 causes he believes fluoridation of neighborhood water techniques is unethical:10

  1. It violates your proper to knowledgeable consent to medicine
  2. The municipality can’t management the dose of fluoride you personally obtain
  3. The municipality can’t monitor the consequences of fluoride on you individually
  4. It ignores the truth that some individuals are extra weak to fluoride’s poisonous results than others; you might undergo whereas others could profit from its addition to the water provide
  5. It violates the Nuremberg code for human experimentation
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It is Straightforward to Safeguard Your Oral Well being With out Fluoride

When it involves good oral hygiene and stopping cavities, consuming fluoridated water and brushing your enamel with poisonous toothpaste, which incorporates fluoride, is unquestionably not the reply. Your toothbrush and pure fluoride-free toothpaste are vital, however do not be misled by pondering they’re the one choices for dental well being.

Many pure substances, such because the meals you eat, even have the facility to drastically enhance not solely the well being of your enamel and gums, however the remainder of your physique too. The important thing to sustaining or enhancing your oral well being hinges on the eye you give to your eating regimen and correct dental care. Areas it’s your decision to think about embrace:

Consuming uncooked, natural meals

Avoiding sugary meals and processed meals, a lot of which comprise fluoride

Brushing and flossing your enamel each day, ideally twice a day

Rinsing your mouth after meals and, at night time, with an answer of baking soda and water to alkalize the pH in your mouth

Oil pulling with coconut oil, which reduces bacterial progress in your mouth, strengthens your enamel, reduces irritation in your gums and naturally whitens your enamel

Receiving common dental checkups, ideally from a mercury-free, organic dentist

Landmark Lawsuit Towards EPA Seeks to Finish Fluoridation in US

FAN, together with a coalition of environmental and public well being teams, has filed a criticism in the U.S. District Courtroom for the Northern District of California in opposition to the Environmental Safety Company (EPA). This landmark lawsuit is one thing many of us have anticipated for many years! It is available in response to the EPA’s denial of a petition below Part 21 of the Poisonous Substances Management Act (TSCA) that seeks a ban on water fluoridation.

In November 2016, a coalition together with FAN, American Academy of Environmental Medication, Meals & Water Watch, Worldwide Academy of Oral Medication and Toxicology, Mothers Towards Fluoridation and the Natural Shoppers Affiliation, amongst others, petitioned the EPA to ban the deliberate addition of fluoridating chemical compounds to American consuming water below the provisions of TCSA.

The petition, which included greater than 2,500 pages of scientific documentation detailing the dangers of water fluoridation to human and animal well being, was denied in February 2017. At the moment, Michael Connett, an legal professional with FAN and writer of the petition, issued the next assertion:

“Sadly, the EPA’s determination to disclaim our petition demonstrates that the Company is just not but ready to let go of the outdated assumptions it has lengthy held about fluoride … We imagine that an neutral choose reviewing this proof will agree that fluoridation poses an unreasonable threat.”

As a result of the TSCA statute supplies a chance for residents to problem an EPA denial in federal court docket, FAN is now suing the company as a method of acquiring an unbiased authorized evaluation of the proof. Keep tuned for additional developments!  For now, you possibly can assist the coalition proceed its momentum by supporting the efforts of FAN, and by becoming a member of or initiating an area marketing campaign to finish water fluoridation.

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