Fluoride — A Little Bit on the Incorrect Time Is Devastating

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Fluoride — A Little Bit on the Incorrect Time Is Devastating

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Story at-a-glance

  • Increased publicity to fluoride whereas in utero is related to decrease scores on checks of cognitive operate in childhood
  • Ladies with larger ranges of fluoride of their urine throughout being pregnant had been extra more likely to have youngsters with decrease intelligence
  • Every zero.5 milligram per liter improve in pregnant girls’s fluoride ranges was related to a discount of three.15 and a pair of.5 factors on the kids’s cognitive and intelligence check scores, respectively

By Dr. Mercola

Within the U.S., two-thirds of Individuals’ faucet water incorporates fluoride, which is added below the guise of stopping cavities. Water fluoridation continues to happen within the majority of the U.S. at the same time as analysis stacks up that fluoride is a neurotoxin that may hurt mind operate. A examine of Mexican girls and kids is among the many newest to lift concern, displaying that larger publicity to fluoride whereas in utero is related to decrease scores on checks of cognitive operate in childhood, each on the age of four and 6 to 12 years.1

The examine concerned almost 300 pairs of ladies and their infants. Mexico doesn’t fluoridate their consuming water, however the examine individuals had been uncovered to fluoride through fluoridated salt and ranging ranges of naturally occurring fluoride in consuming water. Whereas earlier research have used measurements of fluoride ranges in consuming water to estimate a inhabitants’s publicity, the featured examine used urine samples — in each the moms and their youngsters — to find out fluoride publicity.

The researchers then in contrast fluoride ranges with every youngster’s intelligence, assessed utilizing the Normal Cognitive Index (GCI) of the McCarthy Scales of Kids’s Talents at age four and once more between the ages of 6 and 12 years utilizing the Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence (WASI).2

Increased Prenatal Publicity to Fluoride Linked to Decrease Intelligence

Whereas the kids’s fluoride ranges at ages four and 6 to 12 weren’t related to their intelligence, the examine discovered that publicity that happens prenatally was linked to decrease intelligence scores. The truth is, girls with larger ranges of fluoride of their urine throughout being pregnant had been extra more likely to have youngsters with decrease intelligence.

Particularly, every zero.5 milligram per liter improve in pregnant girls’s fluoride ranges was related to a discount of three.15 and a pair of.5 factors on the kids’s GCI and WASI scores, respectively. Lead researcher Dr. Howard Hu, of the Dalla Lana Faculty of Public Well being on the College of Toronto in Canada, mentioned in a information launch:three

“Our examine exhibits that the rising fetal nervous system could also be adversely affected by larger ranges of fluoride publicity. It additionally means that the prenatal nervous system could also be extra delicate to fluoride in comparison with that of school-aged youngsters.”

The findings are groundbreaking, because the examine, which spanned 12 years and acquired funding from the U.S. Nationwide Institutes of Well being (NIH), is likely one of the first and largest research wanting into this subject. As famous by Paul Connett, Ph.D., toxicologist, environmental chemist and former director of the Fluoride Motion Community (FAN) within the video commentary beneath (whereas retiring and handing over the director’s place to his son Michael, Connett stays very lively within the group):

“This vindicates our work … since 1996. My main concern has been the impact of fluoride on the mind … A wide range of research … have indicated that in communities with larger ranges of fluoride, youngsters have decrease IQ. It’s at all times been a query of whether or not that was publicity throughout being pregnant in utero or whether or not the publicity was within the early years of childhood. This examine factors to in utero publicity.

This could spell the tip of fluoridation worldwide. How will you probably proceed to show hundreds of thousands of pregnant girls and kids to a identified neurotoxic substance? Now we all know that there’s a relationship between how a lot fluoride a lady is uncovered to in being pregnant and the IQ of the kids which might be born. That is completely unacceptable.”

Regardless of the damning proof, the American Dental Affiliation (ADA) continues to face their floor, stating, “The ADA continues to endorse fluoridation of public water as the simplest public well being measure to stop tooth decay.”four They tried to downplay the outcomes by saying no conclusions might be drawn about U.S. water fluoridation as a result of it’s unknown whether or not the individuals had been uncovered to fluoride through water, salt or each.

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However as famous by Connett, “This is not sensible. It’s irrelevant whether or not the Mexican girls received their fluoride from fluoridated salt, fluoride in consuming water or from fluoridated dental merchandise.” The imply degree of fluoride within the urine of the moms included within the examine was zero.9 mg/L. Within the U.S. 75 % of the inhabitants’s consuming water is fluoridated, and in keeping with Hu, the degrees of fluoride present in Mexican moms is unlikely to be considerably completely different from these present in American girls.

Fluoride Beforehand Recognized to Hurt Mind, Nervous System Growth

Greater than 300 research have proven fluoride’s poisonous results on the mind,5 together with 2006 Nationwide Analysis Council evaluation that steered fluoride publicity could also be related to mind injury, endocrine system disruption and bone most cancers.6 In 2012, Harvard researchers additionally revealed that youngsters residing in high-fluoride areas had considerably decrease IQ scores than those that lived in low-fluoride areas7 and steered excessive fluoride publicity could have an hostile impact on youngsters’s neurodevelopment.

Then, in 2014, a evaluation in Lancet Neurology labeled fluoride as considered one of solely 11 chemical compounds “identified to trigger developmental neurotoxicity in human beings,”eight alongside different identified neurotoxins resembling lead, methylmercury, arsenic and toluene. Among the many proposed mechanisms of hurt, research have proven fluoride can:9

Intrude with fundamental capabilities of nerve cells within the mind

Cut back nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

Cut back lipid content material within the mind

Injury the pineal gland via fluoride accumulation

Impair antioxidant protection techniques

Injury the hippocampus

Injury purkinje cells

Enhance uptake of aluminum, which has neurotoxic results

Encourage formation of beta-amyloid plaques (the traditional mind abnormality in Alzheimer’s illness)

Exacerbate lesions induced by iodine deficiency

Enhance manganese absorption, which has additionally been linked to decrease IQ in youngsters

Impair thyroid operate, which may additionally have an effect on mind improvement

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Most US Youngsters Have Fluoride-Broken Tooth

In keeping with analysis offered on the April 2017 Nationwide Oral Well being Convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 57 % of youth between the ages of 6 and 19 years have dental fluorosis, a situation during which your tooth enamel turns into progressively discolored and mottled, in keeping with information from 2011 to 2012.10 The statistic represents a rise from 37 % reported from 1999 to 2004. Additional, the creator acknowledged, “There was a big improve in caries expertise … .”

When FAN researchers analyzed the identical set of information, they discovered “the 2011-2012 NHANES survey discovered dental fluorosis in 58.three % of the surveyed adolescents, together with an astonishing 21.2 % with reasonable fluorosis and a pair of % with extreme.”11 Analysis has discovered impairment in cognitive skills amongst youngsters with fluorosis (even delicate fluorosis) in comparison with youngsters with no fluorosis. And a few research have even discovered that youngsters with larger ranges of fluorosis have elevated charges of cavities.12,13

In stark distinction, when fluoridation was first began within the U.S. in 1945, it was promised that solely 10 % of individuals would undergo from delicate dental fluorosis.14 In mild of the newest findings within the featured examine, take into account that if youngsters dwell in areas with excessive sufficient fluoride ranges of their water to trigger dental fluorosis, their moms additionally had been possible uncovered to comparable ranges of fluoridated water throughout being pregnant, posing mind dangers as properly. As FAN famous:15

“The human placenta doesn’t forestall the passage of fluoride from a pregnant mom’s bloodstream to the fetus. In consequence, a fetus will be harmed by fluoride ingested being pregnant.

Based mostly on analysis from China, the fetal mind is likely one of the organs inclined to fluoride poisoning … three Chinese language research have investigated fluoride’s impact on the fetal mind and every has discovered proof of serious neurological injury, together with neuronal degeneration and diminished ranges of neurotransmitters resembling norepinephrine.”

How A lot Fluoride Is in Your Water?

The overwhelming majority (97 %) of Western Europe has rejected water fluoridation. The truth is, most international locations fluoridate neither their water nor their salt (however in keeping with the World Well being Group, tooth decay in 12-year-olds is coming down as quick, if not sooner, in nonfluoridated international locations as it’s in fluoridated international locations16). In distinction, within the U.S. 200 million Individuals dwell in areas the place water is fluoridated.

As for a way a lot fluoride is in your consuming water, in 2011 the U.S. Division of Well being and Human Companies introduced plans to decrease the advisable degree of fluoride in consuming water for the primary time in 50 years. Efficient in 2015, the extent of fluoride in consuming water was diminished to zero.7 mg/L from a beforehand advisable vary of between zero.7 to 1.2 mg/L. For those who dwell within the U.S. and need to know fluoride ranges in your water, the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Faucet Water Database will help.17

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That is necessary for everybody, however pregnant girls and households mixing formulation for infants ought to take further care to eat fluoride-free water. EWG notes, “Even fluoride ranges of zero.7 ppm, the quantity of fluoride in consuming water advisable by the U.S. Public Well being Service, can lead to an excessive amount of fluoride for bottle-fed infants.

EWG recommends that caregivers combine child formulation with fluoride-free water. The Nationwide Toxicology Program is investigating the potential for low doses of fluoride to change thyroid operate and childhood mind improvement.”18

Sadly, fluoride is a really small molecule, making it tremendously troublesome to filter out as soon as added to your water provide. Any easy countertop carbon filter, like Brita, is not going to take away it. When you have a home water carbon filtration system that has a big quantity of carbon, then it might scale back the fluoride as fluoride elimination is in direct proportion to the quantity of fluoride and the time it is in touch with the media. It is simply not going to get all of it. Among the many more practical filtering techniques for fluoride elimination are:

  • Reverse osmosis (RO). The disadvantage is that it’s going to take away many helpful minerals and hint parts as properly. RO techniques additionally want frequent cleansing to keep away from bacterial development. So, use a tankless RO system with a compressor
  • Water distillation which, like RO, will get every little thing out, together with helpful minerals. You then have to restructure the water
  • Bone char filters and biochar. We’re at the moment within the means of growing a filter that mixes biochar with activated charcoal

Clearly, the best, only, most cost-effective technique is to not put fluoride within the water to start with. To be taught extra about fluoride and how one can assist finish this dangerous observe, I extremely suggest getting a replica of Connett’s e-book, “The Case In opposition to Fluoride.” You can even obtain my free report on water fluoridation for extra data on the dangerous science and political agendas that received this poisonous chemical in your consuming water.

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