Breastmilk Storage Chart : How to Keep your breast milk securely

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If it comes to breast feeding, the best way to store it is dependent upon how soon you would like to utilize it.

Below are a few useful tips for keeping your breast milk securely.
Before pumping or expressing: Wash your hands and all of storage containers completely. Label the date that the breast milk has been expressed on each individual container and add your child’s name if you’re giving the milk into a child care provider. Speak to your child care provider concerning how they need breast milk be saved and tagged.


Store breast milk in little batches. 2 to 4 oz is suggested to stop waste. Any residual breast milk left in a jar after your baby is completed with a feeding ought to be used within fourteen days, or, in case rapidly refrigerated, employed for another feeding. You may always thaw an excess container if necessary.

Refrigerate or chill milk directly after it’s expressed. Freshly expressed milk may stay at room temperature (around 7F or 2C) for 4 hours (or around 6 to 8 hours should quite cleanly extracted), however it’s ideal to chill after possible.

Breast milk can be set in the rear of the fridge (3F or C).


Microwaving breast milk isn’t secure because of the chance of scalding your infant with hot milk.

Freeze breast milk in case you won’t be utilizing it in just 24 hours. Again shop the milk at the rear of the freezer, not the doorway.

If freezing the milk within a fridge with a freezer which has another door (F or -1C), then milk may be suspended for up to 9 weeks.

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If the freezer is a torso or a deep freezer (-F or -2C), then milk may be suspended for up to 12 weeks.

Bear in mind that heating breast milk in microwaves isn’t safe.

After breast feeding is thawed: It may be kept in a fridge and must be utilized within a day.

The Principle of 4’s
We all know breast milk storage could be confusing, so this is a much more conservative strategy which you might also proceed by (and readily recall): 4 hours at room temperature and 4 times in the fridge!

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