Are You Overdoing HIIT?

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Excessive-intensity exercises are all the fad proper now and with good motive. They rev your metabolism, assist enhance endurance and supply a high-calorie burn in a brief period of time. That’s in all probability why many exercisers choose to do high-intensity interval coaching (HIIT) a number of days per week, typically a number of days in a row.

HIIT is technically outlined as repeated durations of high-intensity work, adopted by durations of restoration. Based on the ACSM, the high-intensity bouts are anyplace from 5 seconds to eight minutes lengthy and are carried out at 80–95% of an exerciser’s most coronary heart fee. The restoration durations additionally vary in size, with the center fee dropping to 40–50% of an exerciser’s max. Typically this goes on for 20–60 minutes, however for many individuals, 20 minutes is loads. What’s extra, analysis suggests folks discover it extra pleasurable than slower cardio work.

If all of that is sounding fairly nice, that’s as a result of it’s. However there’s one necessary caveat: Simply as extra train isn’t at all times higher, extra high-intensity train isn’t at all times higher, both. Actually, doing an excessive amount of HIIT can truly be counterproductive, specialists say. Right here’s why:


Whereas trainers agree HIIT is a useful gizmo in any exercise routine, there are some severely compelling causes you shouldn’t do it too typically. “Performing too many HIIT exercises in every week could be like redlining your automobile each single time you went for a drive,” explains Chase Campbell, a licensed energy and conditioning specialist, who works with the Indiana Fever and Butler Bulldogs on behalf of St. Vincent Sports activities Efficiency. “One thing is sure to go flawed finally.” Since HIIT is so intense, you want an extended relaxation interval afterward, he says, and if you happen to make a behavior of not making time for restoration, it might probably trigger some fairly main issues like persistent physiological stress, poor sleep high quality, decreased efficiency and, worst of all, elevated danger of damage.

Plus, the identical mechanisms that make HIIT such an important exercise begin to work in opposition to you if you’re doing it too typically. “HIIT and different types of high-intensity coaching will be improbable for the human physique, because it places you in a stress-induced state that acutely will increase ranges of sure hormones like testosterone, insulin, progress hormone, cortisol, adrenalin and others,” Campbell says. “In the appropriate quantities, these hormones assist us cope with physiological stress and may stimulate restoration, tissue transforming, tissue progress and fats loss.”

Up to now so good, however right here’s the issue: If you happen to’re attempting to shed pounds, and also you’re doing HIIT most days, you would possibly need to rethink your exercise routine, particularly if you happen to’re hitting a plateau. “An excessive amount of high-intensity train over an prolonged time interval with out sufficient restoration will lead to extreme ranges of the stress hormone cortisol and will be detrimental to well being by reducing immunity, growing muscle atrophy and inspiring fats synthesis and storage,” Campbell explains. So by understanding too laborious too typically, you would possibly encourage your physique to carry onto fats and discourage it from constructing muscle.



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How a lot HIIT must you be doing, precisely? Nicely, it is dependent upon what number of days per week you prepare and your particular person health degree, in accordance with Campbell, however the common exerciser ought to hold it to 1–2 periods per week. “Due to the upper depth, you will need to totally recuperate from the sort of exercise and unfold periods out throughout the week, permitting a minimum of 24 hours of relaxation and restoration in between.” That doesn’t imply it’s important to scale back the variety of days you’re employed out total, although. “In case you are understanding 5–6 days every week, I’d advocate lower-intensity cardio periods or moderate-intensity energy coaching as your main exercises, relying in your coaching targets,” he says.

It’s additionally a good suggestion for HIIT-lovers to prioritize work on mobility and stability. “HIIT exercises normally embody plyometrics, agility work and different fast-paced actions,” notes Raphael Konforti, Nationwide Director of Health for Youfit Well being Golf equipment. “All these high-impact actions recruit the largest muscle tissue in your physique however ignore a whole lot of the small stabilizers that hold your physique operating at full pace. Spending two days every week foam rolling, stretching and utilizing actions which might be isometric or problem your steadiness is a non-negotiable.”


Simply as introducing a few days of HIIT into your exercise routine could make you fitter, chopping down if you’re doing an excessive amount of can have an analogous impact. It could even enhance your efficiency if you do the HIIT exercises you like. “Incorporating exercises that prepare decrease coronary heart fee zones will do extra on your progress and restoration than ,” Konforti says. You’ll do not forget that HIIT work intervals are normally executed at 80% (or extra) of your most coronary heart fee. What most individuals neglect is that when you recuperate between units, your coronary heart fee drops effectively beneath this. “If you wish to pace up your restoration between units to get extra HIIT work in, it’s important to prepare at decrease coronary heart charges, round 60–70% of your max,” Konforti explains. If you do work on this decrease coronary heart fee zone, your physique turns into extra environment friendly at replenishing your muscle tissue and will get an opportunity to recuperate, which might make it simpler to work at the next depth. “Principally, you’ll be able to’t get good at coaching at 90% if you happen to can’t prepare successfully at 70% first.”

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