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According to the researchers, patients with acute heart failure have trouble assimilating ubiquinone in their blood, whereas ubiquinol easily absorbs and exhibits higher clinical benefit.

Not suited to generate the world’s greatest CoQ10 (ubiquinol), the biggest Japanese manufacturer of CoQ10 has only developed a patented approach to empower more ubiquinol to be consumed than previously.


What the majority of physicians do not understand, however, is that normal aging may create a larger decrease in CoQ10 than is due to taking statin drugs.

As an instance, whilst statin medications have been shown to decrease plasma CoQ10 by 40%, the aging process reduces CoQ10 levels from the heart muscle by 72 percent. The graph on this page shows the CoQ10 deficiencies which exist in a variety of cells as people age.

What’s particularly frightening is that the idea of older people taking statin medication who don’t supplement with CoQ10. The CoQ10 shortage brought on by the double effects of aging and statin medication use would lead to severe depletion of cellular energy.

CoQ10 along with the aging mitochondria
Coenzyme Q10 is integrated into the mitochondria of the cells in which it facilitates the conversion of sugars and fats into energy.

When CoQ10 levels decrease, the capability of cells to sustain fundamental metabolic functions is diminished. This causes the progression of multiple ailments characteristic of normal aging. Luckily, coenzyme Q10 levels could be completely restored by choosing the appropriate dose of supplemental CoQ10.

Heart cells possess a high risk demand, and several clinical studies have investigated the effect of CoQ10 on cardiac functioning. Researchers also have discovered that CoQ10 provides advantages to other organs whose cells need high level energy metabolism like the kidneys and brain.

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Why ubiquinol is exceptional to ubiquinone
This past year, Life Extension declared a technological breakthrough which allowed people to obtain entry to stabilized “ubiquinol” CoQ10 for the very first time. Only small doses of ubiquinol radically improved CoQ10 blood levels in contrast to traditional (ubiquinone supplements.

In experimental research, ubiquinol was proven to reach 3.75 times greater plasma levels eight hours following dosing versus standard CoQ10. Ubiquinol additionally reduced adrenal fatigue 90% greater than traditional CoQ10.

What most enthusiastic Life Extension researchers proved to be a side-by-side comparison analysis that quantified the speed of aging in mice awarded ubiquinol, ubiquinone, or placebo. As could be anticipated, both ubiquinone and ubiquinol slowed aging (by 45 percent) in comparison to placebo up to a particular point in the research. Since the mice continued to era, but the speed of aging at the ubiquinol group slowed till at one stage in the analysis they were aging 40 percent less compared to ubiquinone group and 51 percent less compared to placebo group.

Even more striking were photos and video footage comparing the 3 distinct groups of mice. Twelve-month-old mice receiving no supplemental CoQ10 were essentially immobile and unresponsive, demonstrating lesions in the vicinity of the eye, together with limb and spinal deformities in addition to a patchy, stained coating.

On the flip side, the 12-month-old mice supplemented with ubiquinol, were demonstrated to be attentive, receptive, and lively, without a bodily lesions or deformities along with a shiny coat resembling that of a youthful, healthful mouse.

An overview of all of the scientific findings clearly demonstrates that ubiquinol is your favored type of CoQ10 to consume. As you will read following, Japanese scientists have found a delivery mechanism to provide higher potencies of ubiquinol into the blood.

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Within the previous five decades, scientists have found that high doses of CoQ10 are required to reach optimum outcomes. This initially caused a problem with customers, since they were confronted with needing to consume many costly CoQ10 capsules to derive the desired advantages.

With the arrival of ubiquinol, consumers can affordably attain the elevated blood levels of CoQ10 that scientific research demonstrated provided optimum advantages.

Life Extension is very happy to announce the discovery of an improved ubiquinol shipping system that’s been demonstrated to double summit CoQ10 blood levels in mice in contrast to the initial ubiquinol formula. Equally notable is the capability of this improved ubiquinol formula to reach 66% greater overall quantity of CoQ10 in blood over 24 hours than the initial formula.

Animal and human research documents enhanced gains when greater levels of CoQ10 are sent within a more sustained time period. This fresh enhanced-absorbing ubiquinol may consequently provide greater biological consequences than any former CoQ10 supplement.

Exclusive absorption technologies currently available at reduced costs
Life Extension was issued a distinctive license to distribute this patented improved absorbing ubiquinol. Unlike greedy pharmaceutical companies which charge outlandish prices for insignificant improvements to their own drugs, the price of the new improved delivery ubiquinol formulation has never increased. It’s actually significantly lower priced compared to what the initial ubiquinol capsules sold for only 1 year ago!

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