What are the advantages of konjac?

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Konjac is a plant that’s used to make high-fiber dietary dietary supplements, jellies, and flour. It’s used historically in each Japanese delicacies and Chinese language drugs. However does konjac have any confirmed well being advantages?

The right identify for the konjac plant is Amorphophallus, however additionally it is typically known as konjaku, elephant yam, satan’s tongue, snake palm, and voodoo lily. 

This text explores the potential well being advantages of konjac as supported by scientific proof. It additionally appears to be like at easy methods to use konjac and whether or not there are any dangers to contemplate earlier than taking it.

Contents of this text:

  1. What’s konjac?
  2. Six well being advantages of konjac
  3. Methods to use konjac
  4. Dangers and issues
  5. Takeaway

What’s konjac?

Konjac root
Konjac is historically utilized in Japanese delicacies and Chinese language drugs.

The konjac plant has a starchy root known as a corm, which is excessive in a dietary fiber known as glucomannan. That is the a part of the plant that’s used as a dietary complement and to make high-fiber flour and jellies.

A spread of various merchandise could be produced from the konjac corm, together with:

  • Konjac flour: That is made by grinding down dry konjac corms to make flour that can be utilized to make noodles.
  • Konjac jelly: After additional processing, konjac flour can be utilized to make a jelly or gum. This can be utilized as an alternative of gelatin to thicken meals. 
  • Konjac soluble fiber: When konjac jelly is purified additional, it may be made right into a soluble fiber that’s used as a dietary complement.

Six well being advantages of konjac

Konjac has plenty of well being potential advantages which might be explored beneath. Many of those advantages relate to the excessive content material of glucomannan, the soluble dietary fiber that’s within the konjac plant. 

1. Diabetes administration

Analysis has proven that consuming a mixture of glucomannan and American ginseng indicated a average enchancment in sort 2 diabetes administration.

A 2015 overview additionally famous glucomannan made individuals with diabetes much less prone to eat meals that would improve their blood sugar ranges. It’s because it made them really feel fuller for longer. 

2. Weight reduction

Glucomannan produced from konjac could also be useful for individuals who want to reduce weight. 

A 2005 research discovered that the soluble dietary fiber complement helped individuals who have been chubby to scale back their physique weight. The individuals took the complement as a part of a balanced, calorie-controlled weight-reduction plan. One of these fiber helps an individual really feel full longer by slowing gastric emptying.

Researchers in contrast the consequences of the glucomannan complement with a guar gum complement. They discovered that the glucomannan complement elevated weight reduction whereas the guar gum complement didn’t. 

There are quite a few research that present the well being advantages of upper fiber diets, together with utilizing konjac, for weight reduction.

three. Ldl cholesterol

hyperlipiedmia cholesterol
Glucomannan could have a useful impact on levels of cholesterol.

Having excessive ldl cholesterol implies that persons are extra prone to expertise coronary heart illness or have a stroke. Water-soluble fibers are beneficial to assist in ldl cholesterol and weight administration. 

Glucomannan dietary supplements could assist individuals to maintain their levels of cholesterol in verify. A 2008 research discovered that glucomannan had a useful impact on general levels of cholesterol. 

An extra research in 2017 checked out what dose of glucomannan was wanted to enhance levels of cholesterol. Researchers discovered three grams per day to be a useful dose.

four. Constipation

Taking a glucomannan complement could assist to control an individual’s bowel actions and forestall them from turning into constipated.

A 2006 research discovered modest dose glucomannan improved bowel actions in adults by 30 p.c. Researchers additionally discovered the soluble dietary fiber complement helped to enhance intestine well being in individuals experiencing constipation.

A latest overview from 2017 discovered that taking glucomannan improved the frequency of bowel actions in youngsters with constipation. 

Nevertheless, researchers famous that taking glucomannan didn’t all the time enhance stool consistency or the general success price of remedy.

5. Wholesome pores and skin

Glucomannan can also assist individuals seeking to enhance the well being of their pores and skin.

A 2013 research discovered that glucomannan could also be useful as a topical remedy for pimples and that it improves general pores and skin well being.

6. Wound therapeutic

In addition to supporting pores and skin well being, glucomannan can also assist the physique to heal wounds extra shortly.

A 2015 research in mice discovered that glucomannan dietary supplements could encourage wound therapeutic due to the best way they assist the immune system. Nevertheless, extra analysis is required to conclude that glucomannan is efficient for wound therapeutic in people.

Methods to use konjac

woman in supermarket shopping for vitamins and supplements and checking the labels of different brands
Konjac could also be utilized in glucomannan dietary dietary supplements.

Glucomannan dietary dietary supplements produced from konjac can be found in most well being meals shops. The exact dose of konjac an individual ought to take relies on the explanation they’re taking it, in addition to their age and general well being.

The US Meals & Drug Administration (FDA) don’t regulate konjac dietary supplements, so it’s important to buy them from a good retailer.

Powder produced from konjac corms is typically used as a substitute for seafood in vegan meals.

Konjac can be used to make facial sponges for individuals seeking to benefit from the well being advantages it has for the pores and skin.

Different konjac merchandise embody:

  • fruit jelly
  • flour
  • noodles

Dangers and issues

When eaten as a fruit jelly, konjac could pose a choking danger, particularly in youngsters. It’s because it absorbs lots of water and doesn’t dissolve readily. You will need to chew konjac jelly totally to verify it may be swallowed simply. 

Konjac dietary supplements can have an effect on blood sugar ranges, so individuals with diabetes ought to discuss to a physician earlier than utilizing them. 

As a result of means konjac impacts the intestine and reduces constipation, some individuals could expertise diarrhea after they take konjac dietary supplements. 


Konjac merchandise have plenty of well being advantages. They might assist maintain blood sugar and levels of cholesterol low, enhance pores and skin and intestine well being, assist heal wounds, and promote weight reduction. 

As with all unregulated dietary dietary supplements, it’s best to talk to a physician earlier than taking konjac. An individual must also talk about konjac with a physician earlier than giving it to a baby for constipation or different issues. Konjac ought to all the time be consumed with water to keep away from a choking hazard.

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