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The typical human head weighs 12–15 kilos — hat tip to the child from “Jerry Maguire” — and the standard workday tapping on a pc or cellphone attracts our focus and our head ahead so we are able to look down. As that occurs, the higher trapezius, shoulders and neck lengthen and tense to help the load of our head in that ahead movement. Over time, that may trigger stiffness or ache within the neck, shoulder and higher again. Listed here are 5 poses to stretch and elongate these muscle tissue, ease stiffness and keep at bay ache.


Take simply the higher half of eagle to launch the shoulders and higher again. It may even be carried out sitting at your desk.

The transfer: Cross your left arm over the best so your elbows relaxation on high of each other. Bend your elbows, wrapping your forearms round one another, palms going through one another and fingers pointing to the ceiling. In case your palms don’t contact, relaxation one palm in opposition to the alternative wrist or forearm. Deepen the shoulder stretch by lifting the elbows and taking the palms away out of your face.


Like eagle, the upper-body portion of this pose might be carried out at your desk to stretch your shoulders and chest. When you have very tight shoulders, use a strap or a towel to attach each arms.

The transfer: Begin in a snug, seated place. Inhale and raise your left arm up overhead. Bend your elbow and relaxation your palm in your higher again or shoulder blade, relying in your attain. Use your proper hand to softly press your left elbow down. Take the best arm round your again, palm going through out and attempt to attain your left hand. If you happen to can’t contact — and that’s frequent — take a towel or strap in your left hand and attain your proper hand for the towel. Carry your left elbow towards the ceiling. Maintain your backbone tall.

three. HALF KNOT

Half knot, also referred to as threading the needle, makes use of your body weight to stretch the muscle tissue in your again and shoulders and launch rigidity in your neck.

The transfer: Begin in a tabletop place, wrists underneath your shoulders and knees underneath your hips. As you inhale, take your proper arm to the sky, palm going through away out of your physique. Exhale and sweep your proper arm underneath your chest, resting your shoulder on the bottom. Flip your proper palm up towards the sky and relaxation your proper cheek on the bottom. Maintain your left palm urgent into the earth or deepen the twist by taking your left hand to the small of your again. Maintain for a number of breaths. Then, on an inhale, sweep your proper hand towards the sky for a mild counter-twist. Exhale, launch your proper hand to the earth and repeat on the opposite aspect.




Place a bolster or rolled up blanket between your calves and thighs so you may maintain this pose longer and benefit from the backbone and shoulder stretch.

The transfer: Begin in tabletop place along with your knees underneath your hips and your wrists underneath your shoulders. Gently stroll your arms ahead, drop your chest to the bottom and relaxation your brow on the ground or a blanket. Press your palms into the bottom and ship your hips towards your heels. As in baby’s pose, keep away from compressing or crunching your neck. If you happen to discover you might have an arch in your neck, use a blanket or block underneath your brow to maintain it lengthy. Breathe right here for as much as a minute after which slowly sit again.

Utilizing a block, blanket and bolster could make this pose extra restorative. Place a rolled up blanket or bolster between your thighs and calves to guard your decrease again. Relaxation your brow on a blanket to assist your neck chill out. Maintain supported pet for a minute or longer.


This cure-all pose stretches the shoulders, again and hips.

The transfer: Sit in a kneeling place along with your butt resting in your heels. Legs are barely aside, however attempt to have your huge toes touching. Sit tall, chill out the eyes and relaxation your arms your thighs.

Inhale and lengthen by your backbone. Exhale and twist to the best, inserting your left hand in your proper knee. You’ll be able to put your proper hand on the ground behind you or grasp your left hip crease. Maintain your left hip as near the ground as you may or use a block or blanket for added help.

With every inhale, take into consideration rising tall by your backbone, and with every exhale, twist somewhat deeper. Maintain the twist for five breaths, return to middle on an inhale and repeat on the opposite aspect.


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