Knee Injections For Arthritis

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When oral drugs don’t relieve knee ache, however you are to not the purpose of pursuing knee surgical procedure, one of many following injections or procedures might assist.

Hyaluronic acid dietary supplements – Though not technically drugs, these substances are injected into knee joints to complement naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. In wholesome joints hyaluronic acid acts as a shock absorber and lubricant, permitting joints to maneuver easily over one another. Nonetheless, the acid seems to interrupt down in folks with osteoarthritis.

Injecting it right into a joint might reduce ache and irritation. The injections are given weekly for 3 or 5 weeks, relying on the product (examples are Synvisc and Hyalgan). A small quantity of joint fluid is eliminated first to make room for the hyaluronic acid.

Corticosteroid Injections – Docs generally inject corticosteroids instantly into the knee joint for fast aid of ache and irritation. Their advantages might final anyplace from just a few days to greater than six months.

Whereas the injections convey focused aid to the joint and lack most of the negative effects of oral corticosteroid drugs, they don’t seem to be with out dangers. Repeated knee injections may very well contribute to cartilage breakdown. For that motive your physician will doubtless put a restrict on the variety of injections you possibly can obtain.

Arthrocentesis – Additionally referred to as joint fluid aspiration, arthrocentesis is removing of joint fluid via a hole needle inserted into the joint house of the knee. Though the aim of eradicating joint fluid from the knee is often in order that it may be examined within the lab, eradicating extra fluid may also shortly ease ache and swelling.

Typically after withdrawing fluid, medical doctors use the identical puncture web site the place the fluid was eliminated to inject a corticosteroid preparation and/or anesthetic into the knee joint to additional relieve ache and irritation.

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