How can dwelling cures do away with my previous scar?

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If the pores and skin turns into injured, it should kind a protein generally known as collagen to restore the wound. This therapeutic course of happens anytime the pores and skin is minimize, burned, or broken from a illness or situation, equivalent to zits or chickenpox.

Whereas the pores and skin does an environment friendly job of therapeutic and shutting its wounds, the brand new collagen and repaired pores and skin are sometimes noticeable within the type of a scar.

Scars are one of the tough beauty pores and skin points to deal with. Whereas it’s doable to cut back some new scars, older ones are significantly laborious to do away with.

Although many pure cures are claimed to cut back or do away with scars, most of them lack any scientific proof that they work.

A number of dwelling cures could also be value making an attempt, however one of the best ways to cut back scars is to take care of wounds as they heal, limiting their formation from the start.

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Varieties of scars

Scar along a man's shoulder.
Scars are generally brought on by accidents, surgical procedure, or pores and skin circumstances. Some sorts of scars will heal faster than others.

The kind of scar that an individual will get depends upon many components, equivalent to:

  • The sort of pores and skin damage that occurred, equivalent to zits, surgical procedure, or a burn.
  • An individual’s pure pores and skin kind. Some scar sorts can run in households, and the thickness, shade, and texture of an individual’s pores and skin could have an effect on how they scar.
  • The placement of the damage. The pores and skin could also be thicker or harder on some areas of the physique, which may affect the looks of a scar.

Realizing the kind of scar is useful when deciding how you can deal with it.


A keloid scar normally grows a lot bigger than the wound itself. It’s raised, darkish in shade, and might proceed to develop after the wound has healed.

Keloids can have uncomfortable side effects equivalent to interfering with motion, ache, and itching. They could be extra widespread in individuals with darker pores and skin tones and don’t resolve or fade with time.

Hypertrophic scars

Like keloids, these scars are normally raised and purple. However, they happen solely on the website of the damage. They are often itchy or painful, however this usually improves because the pores and skin fully heals.

Hypertrophic scars usually develop into much less raised and noticeable with time, although this course of can take years.

Atrophic scars

An atrophic scar seems as a pit or dent within the pores and skin. It varieties on account of harm to the pores and skin’s collagen and generally happens with circumstances equivalent to chickenpox and zits.

Contracture scars

These scars will trigger the pores and skin to develop into tight, or contract. They’re usually the results of burns and could be painful.

Contracture scars can have an effect on muscle mass and nerves beneath the pores and skin and might cut back motion of the affected physique half.

Widespread scars

Also referred to as stretched scars, these are widespread after surgical procedure. They happen when a surgical incision scar stretches and turns into wider.

These scars are normally flat and pale, in order that they are typically much less noticeable than raised or indented scars.

Residence cures for eliminating scars

Many lotions, lotions, and different merchandise declare to cut back a scar’s look however lack proof to again up their claims.

Nonetheless, for individuals who want to strive a noninvasive therapy for scars at dwelling, a number of choices could possibly assist.

1. Silicone sheets and gel

Applying ointment gel to skin to help heal a scar.
Making use of silicone sheets or gel to the pores and skin could assist to enhance the looks of a scar.

Of all the house cures for scars, silicone could have essentially the most proof that it really works.

Plenty of research over the previous 20 years have confirmed that making use of silicone sheeting or gel can regularly enhance a scar’s look:

  • Silicone sheeting has been proven to be a confirmed scar therapy through the years, in line with one research.
  • A overview states that silicone sheeting improves the looks of hypertrophic scars.
  • One other research discovered silicone gel was as efficient as silicone sheeting in diminishing hypertrophic and keloid scars.
  • Topical silicone gel offered an enchancment in keloid and hypertrophic scars, in line with one other overview.

Silicone scar therapy merchandise can be found in lots of shops and not using a prescription. Docs may additionally prescribe this therapy after surgical procedure or to assist in scar formation after an damage.

Silicone has a low threat of uncomfortable side effects and is normally simple and painless to make use of.

2. Onion extract to take away scars

One of the vital well-known pure cures for scar therapy is onion extract. This extract is extensively accessible in scar therapy merchandise which can be accessible at drug shops.

Some research discovered that:

  • A proprietary onion extract product improved and softened scars after four weeks.
  • Individuals who used an onion extract gel reported enhancements in scar texture, softness, redness, and general look after four weeks.

Regardless of these research, proof on onion extract is blended. One research discovered that onion extract was no higher than a petroleum-based ointment in treating scars.

three. Chemical exfoliators

Many over-the-counter lotions and serums comprise exfoliants. These substances are designed to assist take away the outer layers of useless pores and skin, revealing a smoother look.

Whereas there are some claims that exfoliants can clean effective traces, they might be helpful for some sorts of scars and darkish marks.

One research discovered that two sorts of chemical exfoliators helped to cut back the look of zits scars and darkish marks brought on by zits. The research checked out peels that contained glycolic acid and a salicylic-mandelic acid mixture and located each sorts supplied some enchancment.

One other research discovered that glycolic acid peels can enhance the look of atrophic zits scars. The authors acknowledged that individuals who have stronger peels executed in a health care provider’s workplace could get higher outcomes, however that lower-strength peels executed at dwelling can even provide advantages with fewer uncomfortable side effects.

four. Solar safety

Whereas solar safety alone is not going to do away with a scar, it could actually preserve them from getting worse and assist with the pure fading course of.

Individuals utilizing glycolic acid or different scar-fading merchandise are strongly suggested to make use of solar safety.

Cautious use of sunscreen and sun-protective clothes is critical for each newly-formed and previous scars alike. It would assist forestall further darkening, which makes a scar extra noticeable.

Lack of proof for different cures

Many different dwelling cures have been promoted as scar removers, equivalent to aloe vera, honey, and olive oil.

Whereas these pure substances could assist soften and clean pores and skin, and certain will not hurt, no research have but discovered these substances to work in decreasing or eradicating scars.

Stopping a scar

Man using liquid pump soap and moisturizer on hands.
Conserving the realm of the wound clear, and utilizing moisturizer to stop the pores and skin from drying out, could assist to stop scarring.

Stopping a scar whereas a wound is therapeutic is one of the best ways to maintain scars away. How the wound heals can have an effect on how a scar could look.

Although some scars can’t be prevented, there are methods to assist decrease their look. After an damage to the pores and skin, the American Academy of Dermatology advocate that folks do the next:

  • Hold the realm clear: Gentle cleaning soap and water work for many minor cuts and scrapes. Clear it as soon as a day.
  • Don’t let it dry out: Research have proven moist setting helps preserve tissue wholesome because it heals and might help cut back scar tissue formation.
  • Get stitches eliminated as suggested: Ready too lengthy to take away stitches or taking them out early may intrude with therapeutic.
  • Use solar protecting clothes and sunscreen: The solar’s rays can darken or improve the looks of a scar. Individuals ought to preserve injured pores and skin protected against the solar each throughout and after therapeutic.

Most healthcare suppliers advocate making use of plain petroleum jelly and masking it with a clear bandage as soon as a day whereas it heals. This prevents the formation of a tough scab, which may make a scar extra prone to seem.


Scars can take a toll on an individual’s bodily and psychological well-being, particularly if they’re on a noticeable space such because the face.

Residence cures will be unable to erase a scar fully. Because of the low threat of uncomfortable side effects, nevertheless, they might be an choice to contemplate for gentle to reasonable enchancment.

People who find themselves battling the results of a scar could want to discuss with a certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon about extra aggressive choices. These embody lasers, surgical procedure, steroids, or different remedies.

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