Are Your Bodily Signs Simply Repressed Feelings? A Physician Explains

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Do you generally have the sensation that your physique is making an attempt to inform you one thing? I’ve, and it began again throughout my childhood. Once I was a youngster, my mom wished me to review on a regular basis. I, then again, wished to play, go for lengthy walks, and speak to boys. Since I used to be a really obedient solely little one, I compelled myself to review each evening, however after a number of weeks of this, my pores and skin broke out on my brow, which turned very purple and filled with cobblestone-like pimples. The remainder of my face was intact. The rash solely concerned my brow, which was puzzling.

My mom took me to a number of dermatologists, who tried totally different pores and skin merchandise and drugs, however nothing labored. I might really feel it worsening as I used to be forcing myself to review each evening. I knew nothing would work as a result of I knew what the rash was about. The rash was as a result of my physique wished to scream that it didn’t need to keep indoors and examine. It wished to go outdoors, be lively, stroll, and be with different children my age. However I couldn’t. I felt like I used to be in jail. I felt pissed off, indignant, and unhappy.

All these feelings had been repressed deep inside. But, on the floor, I needed to faux I used to be glad. However the rash was like a bright-red gentle telling the world in any other case.


This rash lasted a number of years, bettering (and generally utterly resolving) each time I used to be on trip and coming again inside a number of days of finding out full-time once more. But, my medical doctors continued to deal with my signs with out addressing the deeper reason for my downside.

The rash resolved after I turned 18 and was lastly capable of specific my anger by going to the fitness center to carry weights 5 days per week and by jogging on weekends. I’m not the one one whose repressed feelings led to bodily issues. Throughout my 30 years of working towards drugs, I observed that a variety of my sufferers coming for bodily issues had repressed feelings. May these repressed feelings have been the set off of their bodily issues? May again ache, abdomen ache, hypertension, coronary heart assaults, and pores and skin issues be triggered by stress, repressed anger, or repressed disappointment or one other type of emotion simply begging to be acknowledged? Probably. What about most cancers?

It’s been estimated that round 80 p.c of visits to major care physicians are because of signs finally attributable to stress or emotional issues.


After we suppress adverse emotions corresponding to anger, concern, and harm, our mind’s limbic system goes into motion. It sends out chemical compounds like adrenaline and cortisol which might be supposed to arrange our our bodies bodily to take care of troublesome or harmful conditions. It is a nice course of if, say, we’re being attacked and should defend ourselves or run away, however in on a regular basis life, it may trigger extra issues than it solves.


What occurs is that cortisol suppresses our immune system, making us weak to an infection. Cortisol additionally begins a posh cascade of occasions that results in elevated irritation and autoimmune issues corresponding to diabetes, arthritis, abdomen issues, and irritable bowel. Adrenaline provides us a sooner coronary heart fee and better blood strain via vasoconstriction. Our muscle tissue, bathed in extra cortisol and adrenaline, get extra excitable and irritable, resulting in muscle pressure and spasms. All that is occurring in our our bodies whilst our aware minds have moved on and we might not really feel actively indignant, upset, or fearful. But the emotion continues to be there within the background.

When sizzling repressed feelings are bottled up and have nowhere to go, they will burn their proprietor.


What can we do about this? How can we repair this or forestall this? The best way to do that is to precise our feelings in a secure setting. Research carried out by Mathew Lieberman and colleagues at UCLA present that by verbalizing our feelings, our limbic system turns into much less lively. This implies much less adrenaline and cortisol manufacturing and fewer bodily signs.

Some folks wish to verbalize feelings via spoken phrases, others via writing, drawing, dancing, singing or taking part in a sport. However many individuals have been taught since childhood that they shouldn’t specific their feelings. So, they internalize them, and adverse feelings come out as bodily signs. That’s the reason a variety of signs are troublesome to deal with. Medicines are generally solely a short lived repair. They run the danger of giving unintended effects and dependancy (particularly for ache drugs).

The important thing query is: Why is the bodily symptom exhibiting up? The reply is totally different for every individual. So, what bodily signs do you have, and what’s your physique making an attempt to inform you?

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