6 Issues You Want To Know Immediately (October 12, 2017)

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1. New York Metropolis’s single-celled inhabitants have a super-popular Instagram account.

Named @pondlife_pondlife, the account, run by scientist Sally Warring, the academic account showcases the number of single-celled life in numerous areas across the metropolis. (The Lower)

2. Your smoothie staple is below hearth.

Due to an invasive fungus known as fusarium, our Cavendish bananas (which make up a whopping 99 p.c of all those we eat in the USA) are shortly dying off. Time to freeze a couple of months’ value of bananas instantly. (The Washington Publish)

three. Scientists imagine they’ve found the supply of Outdated Devoted’s water provide.

The geyser, named for its unbelievable reliability, spews water and steam each 90 minutes like clockwork. Utilizing pure vibrations as a information, scientists listened for seismic waves and found a area of porous rock, 200 meters throughout and 50 meters thick. They imagine this porous rock holds tens of millions of liters of magma-heated water and serves as an underground tank that can preserve Outdated Devoted equipped with water for a few years to return. (Science Magazine)

four. Gene remedy may be the way forward for mind illness therapy.

In a groundbreaking new examine, docs had been in a position to make use of gene remedy to halt the progress of a deadly neurodegenerative mind illness known as adrenoleukodystrophy, or ALD. Medical doctors handled 17 youngsters with ALD with gene remedy; two years later, 15 had been functioning usually. Whereas gene remedy has lengthy been controversial, new successes and therapy strategies (utilizing disabled HIV to insert the genes into human cells, for example) open the door to experimentation with many ailments. (NYT)

5. Calling all long-distance runners!

A brand new examine within the Journal of Sports activities Medication and Bodily Health helps us perceive what occurs to the physique throughout half-marathons and marathons. The quick reply? Operating is difficult on the physique, however there’s a lot you are able to do to get well and forestall damage so it does not have an effect on your efficiency. (NYT)


6. Simplifying most cancers screenings might pose an enormous threat for minority ladies.

Again in September, the U.S. Preventive Providers Activity Power drafted suggestions for girls between the ages of 30 and 64 that may simplify the testing for HPV and cervical most cancers. This new methodology could also be oversimplified, making for worse most cancers detection, significantly in Latina and black ladies, who’ve the very best charges of cervical most cancers in the USA. (NPR)

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