5 house treatments for athlete's foot

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Athlete’s foot is a standard pores and skin drawback on the toes brought on by a fungus. Although it’s hardly ever critical, its signs might be bothersome.

House treatments might be fairly efficient in treating many circumstances of athlete’s foot. A few of these treatments could also be available at house, whereas others can be found in well being meals shops.

Discover out which house treatments could also be value a attempt, and when it could be time to name the physician.

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  2. Medical therapy
  3. Why do individuals get athlete’s foot?
  4. Stopping athlete’s foot
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House treatments for athlete’s foot

Many pure or house treatments might be useful in killing the fungus that causes athlete’s foot.

1. Tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)

tea tree oil
Research counsel that tea tree oil might assist to kill fungi.

Tea tree oil comes from the leaves of the tea tree, generally present in Australia. It’s recognized to have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

One examine discovered that options containing 25 p.c and 50 p.c tea tree oil labored considerably higher than a placebo in relieving athlete’s foot between the toes.

The tea tree oil additionally cured the an infection in 64 p.c of the individuals who used it, whereas simply 31 p.c of those that used a placebo have been cured.

One other examine discovered that tea tree oil was more practical at killing fungi than a number of different antifungal brokers that have been examined.

Folks ought to take care when utilizing tea tree oil as a result of it may be irritating to the pores and skin. Some individuals might have to cease utilizing the oil due to rashes and irritation.

To make use of tea tree oil, individuals ought to place a number of drops right into a service oil, corresponding to coconut or olive oil, and rub it on their toes. Alternatively, tea tree oil lotions and salves could also be out there at well being meals shops.

Folks mustn’t use undiluted tea tree oil on their pores and skin.

2. Garlic

Garlic has a protracted historical past of medicinal use, and a number of other research have discovered garlic to be efficient in opposition to some fungi and micro organism.

A evaluate within the Avicenna Journal of Medication states that garlic can kill quite a lot of germs. Some proof for garlic consists of:

  • A examine within the Journal of Utilized Microbiology, which states that contemporary garlic extract can kill or cease the expansion of Candida, a standard fungus that infects people.
  • A report within the Ulster Medical Journal, which discovered that garlic has efficient antifungal properties.
  • A examine in Mycoses, which checked out a compound present in garlic often known as ajoene. The compound cured athlete’s foot in each one that used it. Ajoene was made right into a zero.four p.c cream and utilized on to the world.

A garlic foot soak utilizing contemporary garlic cloves is a technique for individuals to do that treatment at house.

Crush three to 4 garlic cloves and stir them right into a basin of heat water. Soak toes for 30 minutes, twice a day for as much as every week.

The highly effective compounds in garlic can go away a long-lasting garlic odor on the pores and skin, nevertheless.

three. Hydrogen peroxide with iodine

Peroxide and iodine are generally used to disinfect cuts and wounds and to kill germs on the pores and skin.

A latest examine discovered that peroxide mixed with iodine killed 16 completely different fungi. The 2 used collectively have been more practical than utilizing them individually.

To do that treatment, combine iodine resolution and hydrogen peroxide in a bucket or massive bowl. Iodine resolution is accessible at most drugstores within the wound care part. Dip the toes immediately within the resolution or use a cotton pad to use it to the affected areas.

Don’t use iodine on the pores and skin with out diluting it as a result of it might probably harm the pores and skin if utilized by itself. 

Peroxide might sting if the pores and skin is damaged or irritated, and it might probably bleach hair and materials. Iodine can also trigger stains.

Making use of this combination in a bath or bathe might forestall undesirable stains, bleaching, and spills.

four. Hair dryer and talcum powder

If fungi shouldn’t have a super atmosphere to dwell in, they can’t proceed to develop and thrive. Eliminating moisture from the toes, particularly between the toes, will help maintain the fungus from spreading and getting worse.

Folks can take away moisture from their toes by completely drying them with a hair dryer after bathing, ensuring that no moisture stays however being cautious to not burn the pores and skin. Folks with lack of sensation or feeling within the toes mustn’t use this technique.

When the toes are dry, observe up by sprinkling them with talcum powder to assist take up sweat. Many foot powders include talc and assist maintain the toes dry.

Along with these steps, sporting socks that absorbs moisture away from the pores and skin will help maintain the toes dry. The next varieties of socks will help maintain toes dry all through the day:

  • wool
  • bamboo
  • artificial wicking cloth, usually referred to as tech socks

Altering socks no less than as soon as a day when toes really feel sweaty or damp can be useful. Or, in hotter climate, put on open footwear or sandals to extend airflow to the toes.

5. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)

Baking soda jar and on spoon
Baking soda might have antifungal properties and may very well be utilized in a foot soak.

Baking soda is an merchandise most individuals have available. It could even be an efficient solution to treatment athlete’s foot.

A examine in Mycopathologia discovered that sodium bicarbonate, also called baking soda, does have antifungal skills when used on the pores and skin.

To make a foot soak, combine a couple of half cup of baking soda in a big bucket or basin of heat water. Soak toes for 15 to 20 minutes, twice a day. When performed, dry the toes completely however don’t rinse.

Medical therapy

If house treatments don’t work or the issue has been happening for greater than 2 weeks, a physician or podiatrist might have to assist.

A physician might prescribe antifungal lotions or medicines if the an infection doesn’t reply to at-home therapies.

It is crucial for individuals to deal with a persistent case of athlete’s foot as a result of the fungus can unfold to the nails, different physique components, and different individuals.

Why do individuals get athlete’s foot?

athletes foot
Athlete’s foot might unfold in pool areas and locker rooms.

Athlete’s foot spreads when an individual comes into contact with sure fungi. It will probably unfold from individual to individual and thrives in damp, heat areas.

Frequent locations for athlete’s foot fungus to dwell are pool areas, public bogs, and locker rooms.

The fungi that trigger athlete’s foot generally assault toes as a result of:

  • footwear and socks create a heat, moist atmosphere that fungi have to thrive
  • toes are uncovered to fungus and germs on the bottom when strolling round, particularly if strolling barefoot
  • the world between the toes tends to be particularly damp and heat

The time period “athlete’s foot” comes from the assumption that many athletic locker rooms and athletic gear are scorching, moist environments the place the fungi can unfold.

Anybody can get athlete’s foot, nevertheless, no matter their exercise degree.

Stopping athlete’s foot

There are methods to guard the toes from fungi and keep away from getting athlete’s foot. It is usually good to observe these tricks to keep away from getting a repeat an infection or spreading it to others.

To maintain toes fungus-free, individuals ought to observe these pointers:

  • Preserve nails clipped quick. Nails can extra readily decide up micro organism and fungi if they’re lengthy.
  • By no means stroll barefoot in public locations. Put on sandals or waterproof footwear in public swimming pools, showers, locker rooms, bogs, and different areas that get moist.
  • Wash toes no less than as soon as a day and dry completely.
  • If a member of the family has athlete’s foot, disinfect the tub or bathe after every use till it’s gone.
  • Don’t share towels, footwear, socks, or different gadgets that contact the toes.
  • Alternate footwear each day to provide every pair time to dry utterly.
  • Put on light-weight footwear and alter socks steadily to maintain toes dry. Keep away from heat, heavy footwear if doable.


These with sure well being circumstances, corresponding to diabetes, ought to skip the house treatments and name a physician straight away in the event that they discover issues with their toes. Even minor cracks and wounds on the toes can shortly turn out to be contaminated in some individuals with diabetes.

Athlete’s foot can actually put a damper on plans to go barefoot on the seashore. Luckily, this widespread drawback can normally be cured with out issues.

If house treatments don’t work, drugstore antifungal lotions could also be an choice.

If the issue spreads, worsen, or doesn’t reply to those house treatments, individuals ought to search the recommendation of a physician or podiatrist. Prescription merchandise are normally very efficient when used as prescribed.

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